China Sourcing Services

Chinasourcing is a premier research, consulting and Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) company based in China. We offer sourcing service specializing in providing a complete and wide range of outsourced services including industry research, marketing research and quality equity research services. Since Chinasourcing website be used as platform, our services cross border to internationally.

Our services and statistics highly base on our productions: Database of service outsourcing enterprises in China, Database of service outsourcing enterprises in foreign countries; Database of outsourcing organizations, Database of industry business status.

We can provide support majorly two areas base on our role as General Contracting, Consulting Service and Government Solution:

Consulting Service:

  • Market Research
  • Help the foreign government to make China-enter strategy and the implementation

  • Market Entry:
  • Customized and most effective China market entry solution

  • Back office Service:
  • In virtual of Chinasourcing website's 4000+ outsourcing service providers to offer full back office services

  • Market Promotion:
  • Use our extensive China market resources to build your business in China

Government Solution:

As a professional China entry consulting company, we assist foreign governments to formulate strategies to enter China. Our solution includes entry-plan formulating, website localization, advertizing, China market promotion, investment attraction etc. Taking the capability and market as core, provide full lifecycle solution for companies to realize company re-organization and localization, as well as develop the China market.

Contact us with your China Market Research requirements and we will get back to you within one business day.

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