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Chinasourcing help its clients create value by providing customized and equity research services which are backed by domain expertise and high-end analytical skills. Our analysts are highly educated professionals and include MBAs, Accountants, and Statisticians. Our dedicated offshore analysts work closely with our clients to deliver services that adapt to their evolving needs.

Equity Research Services: Chinasourcing specializes in providing a complete and wide range of outsourced equity research services. Our goal is to help our clients expand equity research coverage, lower research costs and increase their competitive advantages in the market place. Our equity research services include:

Financial models

Utilizing the fundamental analysis approach, we build a company's financial statements (income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement) using the historical information (10Ks and 10Qs). Based on the historical financials, macroeconomic and industry trends and company's outlook, we forecast the future revenue growth and earnings of the company. Our model can also facilitate a sensitivity analysis.

Equity research report

Our research reports leverage the quantitative and qualitative analysis technique. Qualitative analyses include the research on a company's business, its industry segment, operations, products and services and management. Quantitative analyses include research on a company's financials, segment analysis and valuations.

Investment summary report

Leveraging a proprietary financial database (containing the most complete financial information of the Chinese companies listed on NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX and OTCBB in the U.S.) established in house, we can prepare short investment summary reports based on clients' requests. We are also capable of creating morning notes and first call notes for sell-side research.

Company profile

We specialize in writing the company profile, which is an overview of a company's business, operations, financials, products and services, customers, ownership, management and capital market performance.

Valuation analysis

Our valuation analysis includes DCF, WACC and sensitivity analyses.

On-site due diligence

We can conduct channel checks for specific industries and companies based on clients' requests.

Industry analysis

Our industry analysis provides an in-depth strategic view of the dynamics of a specific industry or sector. The analysis mainly includes an industry overview, current market size, growth prospects, and competitive landscape.

Competitive analysis

We conduct detailed competitive research based on clients needs. In this analysis, we look at the competitive landscape in the industry, the major players and their key weaknesses and strengths in the market place.

Comparative analysis

We can provide a comparative summary of trading multiples and other key operating metrics of a company and its peers. This analysis offers relative valuation using valuation multiples such as EV/EBITDA.

Quarterly and annual financial information updates

We regularly look at SEC filings of 10Ks and 10Qs to update the company's financial statements in a timely manner.

Customized Research: Chinasourcing provides customized marketing and other business services to multinational companies and institutional investors. Our on ground professionals in China are capable of providing quality channel checking, marketing survey and industry research services to meet our clients' needs. All field works are reviewed by our experienced financial managers to ensure the highest quality products and services delivered on a timely fashion to our clients.

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