Another Provincial High-Tech Development Zone Added in Hefei
View: 153 Date: 2017-07-17

Recently, Lujiang Economic Development Zone got approval from Anhui Provincial Government for changing its name to Hefei Lujiang High-tech Development Zone.

At present, the number of province-level high-tech development zones reaches 20, including 4 state-level high-tech development zones.

In recent years, Anhui has been making efforts to speed up the development of high-tech development zones. Anhui supported the transformation of provincial economic development zones into provincial high-tech development zones by
changing their names. In addition, Anhui encouraged provincial high-tech development zones to upgrade to national high-tech development zones.

High-tech development zones have become important carriers of the development of high-tech industries. In 2016, 18 high-tech development zones in Anhui generated 1135.417 billion RMB of business income.

(; edited by Chenfei)


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