Han Bing Meets Simax President GuiChengqun
View: 103 Date: 2017-11-01

Hefei Executive Vice Mayor Han Bing met with President GuiChengqun and his delegation from Simax at Hefei Civic Center on October 20. It is learned the delegation is here for business cooperation.

After extending his welcome to GuiChengqun and his delegation, Han Bing briefly introduced the economic development and social progress of Hefei. He said that Hefei has witnessed rapid industrial development in recent years. The output values of the five pillar industries have all exceeded 100 billion yuan. Thanks to the obvious transportation advantages, Hefei is now an integrated transport hub of national importance. Sci-tech innovation is so flourishing that the city is approved to construct a comprehensive national science center. Featuring favorable location, convenient transportation and pleasant climate, Hefei is a growing city with comfortable living environment and pro-business atmosphere. When talking about business, the vice mayor said Hefei government will provide highly-efficient and credible service and for Simax.

In response, GuiChengqun praised Hefei a city with distinguished features and fruitful achievements and the city has left him a deep impression. He hoped that Simax could assist Hefei in its new industrialization.

Other leaders present at the meeting include Song Daojun, director of the Administration Commission of Hefei Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, Luo Ping, deputy secretary-general of Hefei Municipal People's Government, Zhang Kailong, deputy director of Hefei Foreign Affairs Office, GuoYuxi, deputy director of Hefei Investment Promotion Bureau and Yong Fengshan, chairman of board of Hefei Industry Investment Group.

(Source: AHFAO)


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