69 percent of APJ organisations implement DevOps

69 percent of organisations in the Asia Pacific and Japan region (APJ) have implemented DevOps, according to a new global study commissioned by CA Technologies.

15 percent of these DevOps practitioners have already reached advanced levels of adoption.

Advanced DevOps adopters were more likely to report that their digital initiatives contributed to competitiveness, customer retention and top- and bottom-line results.

In APJ, compared to those who have not implemented DevOps, advanced DevOps adopters were three times more likely to have seen progress on market share.

"DevOps adoption across APJ is growing fast. It is already on par with Europe and getting very close to the Americas," said Ashok Vasan, vice president, Application Delivery, Asia Pacific & Japan, CA Technologies. "However, companies could do more to advance their level of adoption. To fully harness the potential of DevOps, organisations need to skill-up IT and ensure that the necessary enablers are in place to support collaboration and continuous innovation."

Customer profitability

Findings of the survey also indicates that in APJ, compared to those who have not implemented DevOps, advanced DevOps adopters were 2.3 times more likely to have seen improvements in customer profitability.

Organisations in APJ typically implement DevOps to keep pace with increasing customer demands; to have rapid response to business requests; and to create new and innovative customer experiences.

44 percent of DevOps practitioners in the region are still working on security and compliance.

87 percent of APJ respondents considered business stakeholder education to be important.

85 percent recognised the importance of ensuring adequate knowledge of business priorities within IT.

Respondents in APJ are challenged to break down cultural barriers between Dev and Ops teams with only 26 percent having achieved cultural harmony within IT


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