2013 TOP 10 Outsourcing Parks in China Announced
Source: chnsourcing.com View: 234 Date: 2014-04-03

On March 21st, on the award ceremony of 2014 DGITS, 2013 Top 10 Outsourcing Parks in China, raised by Devott Co., Ltd. announced the name list. All representatives from listed parks were awarded their prize in honor.

Photo of the listed winners

The contest of the top ten outsourcing parks has been held for 6 sessions. As one of the TOP series, the contest adhering to the principle of “fairness, justice and openness” has formed a setting of professional system and process with the use of the park pyramid model evaluation system and the consulting experience of research institute. This contest lasted for 4 months involving register, first phrase of evaluation campaign, the internet voting, and finally the comprehensive assessment from experts basing on indexes. And all these come to the list of “2013 TOP 10 Outsourcing Parks in China”.

TOP10 campaign of this year attracted positive attention nearly 100 parks. As more unique parks are registering in the contest, their outstanding characteristic development, advantages and fruitful results, have made the contest more competitive and the outcome more unpredictable. It is told that parks among previous Top 10 list like National Software Industry Base(Chengdu), ZGC Software Park, Xi’an Software Park and QiluSoft Park are still on the list this year based on their strength and potentiality. Meanwhile, there are newly listed parks like Shanghai Pudong Software Park, China (Nanjing) Software Valley, Wuxi Bio-Park are growing and developing innovatively and showing their unstoppable steps in recent years to walk in the forefront, leading the rapid development of China’s service outsourcing park.

List of 2013 TOP 10 Outsourcing Parks in China

After many years of accumulation and precipitation, TOP10 contest has been recognized by industry colleagues, and the final campaign list has also been recognized. As usual, after this release of the top 10 list, there will soon be the release of report on the whole process and relevant data.

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