Releasing Ceremony of Service Valuation Score (SVS) by Devott
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Releasing ceremony of Service Valuation Score (SVS) by Devott

Ivy Sun, the Deputy Director of Marketing Department of Devott Co., Ltd., is giving speech.

On March 21st, the lasted research findings -- Service Valuation Score (SVS for short) was released by Devott in the DGITS, and Ivy Sun, the Deputy Director of Marketing Department of Devott Co., Ltd., also gave speech about it.

The outsourcing industry emerged from the 1960s, and then it became a powerful force to promote the development of the global economy. In order to develop the outsourcing industry, many organizations and companies stipulate the standards for service outsourcing industry. However, there is a glaring discrepancy existing in regions and industries and the suitability of the standards is small and limited.

The global providers suffered a lot when the financial outsourcing went to post-crisis era. Now when they are going to develop an outsourcing strategy, they pursue caution and creation. We can see two directions of the outsourcing strategy-making. One is to reduce risks and this is the key point. The second is to pursue innovation development and they want to find a new way to maintain rapid growth in spite of global recession. The fact is that they cannot afford the innovation cost and undertake the risks, so they choose to work together to achieve restructuring and development through sharing experience, technology and resources. With this new circumstance, the standards and review process of the global buyers also experience great changes. The importance of delivery price and technical capabilities reduce, but the industry experience and global delivery capabilities as well as innovation sustaining power and risk aversion become main factors.

Sherry Sha, the Deputy Director of Devott Research Institute, explains “SVS is a global standard evaluation system that complies with the time trend and requirement, relying on years of experience and available resources we have and it applies to all the global buyers.”

We will no longer refer to providers as the only evaluation object. When we evaluate the service elements, we also consider the service elements as well as the fields it covers in order to make the evaluation more integrated, comprehensive, scientific, and practical. The SVS forms primary index with the perspectives of skills, experience, finance, integrity, degree of maturation for global delivery, personnel structure, risks, safety and other strategic values. By means of research and analysis, we refine hundreds of two-level and three level evaluation indexes with the most scientific method that is most applicable at this stage in order to build a standard system with Chinese character as well as applies to the whole world. We hope that this evaluation system can service the service buyer and provider better and makes the both parties find the right parterres. SVS is sure to guarantee the service buyer to achieve high efficient and rich return goals.

The releasing of SVS system only not fills in the blanks of global outsourcing evaluation elements, but also standard the whole outsourcing industry. It is sure to promote the development of outsourcing industry sustainably and healthily.

According to a senior researcher from Devott Research Institute, during process of the implementation and popularization of SVS, a platform is to be built. The platform will meet the need of the service buyers for providers-selection and elements-evaluation purposes according to their industries and actual demand. The combination of the platform and SVS is a perfect pattern of theory and practice.

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