China Broadcast and TV Network Company was expected to be the Fourth Largest Telecom Operator
Source: View: 282 Date: 2014-05-29

China Broadcast and TV Network ed Company, which was defined as a national cable TV network company, was formally founded on May 28 with a registered capital of 4.5 billion RMB. So far, it’s a small company and urge to integrate local cable companies across China, however, it is expected to become the fourth largest telecom operator in China, competing with China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom.

According to the sources, the business scope of China Broadcast and TV Network ed Company concludes cable TV network planning, construction, operation and maintenance, as well as the necessary technology research, technology development and consultation. For those projects that need to be ratified in accordance with the law, the company shall get the approval the relevant department before running activities.

Insiders believed that China Broadcast and TV Network ed Company would be one of the bellwethers for tri-networks integration pilot project in China, and it will also drive the integration process among local cable operators in China.

It was revealed that last year the revenue of the whole cable TV industry was 60 billion RMB, and it’s no near the three major domestic telecom operators. However, things are different after the huge integration among cable companies. The system of China cable companies was straighten out, making it more competitive to vie with the other three giants in the days ahead.


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