Devott Reached Strategic Cooperation with Government of Weicheng District
Source:  View: 239 Date: 2014-05-29 reported that recently government of Weicheng District and Devott signed an agreement for strategic cooperation. Weicheng District is a district of Weifang City. This cooperation with Devott is to fulfill the State Council’s advice on promotion of service outsourcing industry’s development, to promote the rapid development of service outsourcing industry in Weicheng District, and to accelerate the construction of Service Outsourcing Industry Park in Weifang City.

Signing the Agreement

Government of Weicheng District & Devott officially reached a strategic cooperation agreement

Earlier Devott made a comprehensive planning for its service outsourcing industry. Based on the existing regional conditions in Weicheng District, and together with analysis on its industry status, carrying capacity of resources and environment and development potential, Devott planned an industrial layout of “One core, two wings, and four slides” for Weifang City. One core refers to its high-tech zone, two wings refer to Weicheng District and Shouguang District, and four slides refer to the four band regions out of its downtown in four directions. As an important bearing zone of Weifang City, Weicheng District will solve its basic problems in industry development through this cooperation with Devott. And this cooperation will also help building of software and hardware environment for industrial development, and realize its docking and contacts with core elements, so that Weichang District can rapidly be integrated into the tide development of service outsourcing industry, realize a fast industrialization and prosperity, and become a gathering area of service outsourcing industry in Weifang City.

During the cooperation, as an integrated service provider in professional IT services industry operation, Devott will provide full service to meet needs in different development stages of Service Outsourcing Park in Weicheng District aspects of planning making, environment building, industrial docking and regional branding and so on. Devott will do this to ensure the smooth implementation and enforcement of all work in the operation period, to help them achieve real development and implement agglomeration of service outsourcing industry and regional economy’s transformation and upgrading.

Audience at the signature ceremony

CEO of Devott Mr Qi Haitao said:” In the future, S&T service industry represented by service outsourcing will become the new growth engine for the transformation and development of China’s cities and parks, also will be a key driver of China’s economic transformation and upgrading. In this cooperation, Devott will provide more security and support for Weicheng’s rapid and multi-dimensional development.”

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