China Mobile Gains 3G, 4G Licenses In Pakistan
Source: View: 254 Date: 2014-06-03

Nawaz Sharif, prime minister of Pakistan, recently issued 3G and 4G licenses to CMPak, China Mobile’s subsidiary in Pakistan, in Islamabad.

Sharif said during the issuance meeting that Pakistan currently has over 132 million mobile users and they will soon be able to experience the most advanced mobile communications technologies.

He said that the issuance and application of 3G and 4G licenses will bring INR260 billion income, which is about USD2.6 billion, to Pakistan every year. Meanwhile, it will create more job opportunities.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority held 3G and 3G license auctions on April 23, 2014. During the auction, three local carriers gained 3G licenses, while CMPak gained a 3G license and the only 4G license, making the company the only carrier that operates both 3G and 4G businesses in the country.


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