China Telecom is Applying for FDD LTE License
Source: View: 295 Date: 2014-06-03

Wang Xiaochu, the chief executive of China Telecom, says that China Telecom has applyed for 4G FDD LTE license and is negotiating with the government, hoping to obtain the license as soon as possible.

Since the launching of 4G TD-LTE license in December of 2013, the figure of China Telecom 3G service subscribers continuely showed a month of negative growth trend, affected by market situation. Also, China Unicom, in April of this year, the amount of its new-added subscribers was in the lowest level during the past 5 years.

Wang Xiaochu predicts that, on 4G business investment, the capital investment will be increased adequately after obtaining the license. and half of 80 billion RMB investment expenditure will be used for 4G in this year.

Wang Xiaochu also points out, as for the China Telecom Tower Company established by China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom will avoid redundant construction and help decreasing three operators’ capital expenditure. There is no other resources sharing and cooperation plans temporarily except the China Telecom Tower Company.

He says more details about the establishment are being discussing about now, such as share distribution, the time of introducing private capital and tower leasing issues. Besides, he says the cost of purchasing the tower and leasing cost will use the protocols of International Tower Company for reference; equity ratio of China Telecom will be discussed about and established at the same time.


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