China Mobile cuts 4G prices
Source: View: 275 Date: 2014-06-03

China Mobile has doubled the data allowance available on one of its 4G price plans, following criticism over the cost of its service.

According to a Xinhua report over the weekend, the world’s biggest mobile operator by subscribers is offering 2 GB of LTE data for 70 yuan (€8.00) per month, twice the volume of data compared to the previous tariff structure. The new price plan came into effect on Sunday.

The move follows a public backlash against the high prices and the alleged poor quality of China Mobile’s TD-LTE network. Customers were particularly angry that China Mobile’s 4G prices were typically twice as high as those offered by operators in Hong Kong, including China Mobile’s local subsidiary there.

China Mobile chairman Xi Guohua told Xinhua that in addition to lowering prices, his company will also ramp up the promotion of 4G services and improve the quality of its network.

Despite the criticism, China Mobile has seen one of the fastest 4G uptake rates any in the world.

Its network went live in December and by the end of April it reported having 4.8 million customers. However, that pales in comparison to China Mobile’s overall customer base, which reached 784.6 million by the same date.


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