CIFTIS Tianjin E-Commerce Park Attracted Great Attention
Source:  View: 228 Date: 2014-06-03

The 3rd China Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services (hereafter as CIFTIS) was held at Beijing National Convention Center on May 28 and it would last for days. Organized by Tianjin Commission of Commerce, Tianjin E-Commerce Park attended the exhibition and attracted great attention   home and abroad.

According to presentations, in recent years Tianjin accelerated the construction of the E-Commerce Parks, and built a collection of high-quality E-Commerce Parks. Binhai New Area, Wuqing New Area, Nankai New Area and Xiqing New Area attended the exhibition. Among them, Binhai New Area Electronic Competence was a national demonstration bases. At present, many famous E-Commerce leaders such as and were gathering in Wuqing New Area, and it had become a cluster featuring E-commerce logistics distribution and settlement. Xiqing New Area and Nankai New Area developed greatly over the past year, and many high-quality enterprises such as and assembled here. In the year 2013, the network retail sales of the E-Commerce Parks in Tianjin took up more than 50 percent of the total amount.

On the exhibition site, the four E-Commerce Parks showed their main achievements in development features, policy advantages, and key projects by using image & text materials, and they depended on the advantaged of location and policies as well as project features which attracted great attention   the exhibitors and industry experts. There were such a great number of people coming to visit consultation and talk business on the site. The staffs exchanged with the visitors and answered the visitors’ questions in detail. At the first day only, the total number of brochures was over 3000. Relying on the exhibition, the parks could communicate deeply with the electronic commerce enterprises, and they could also suggest projects to enhance the reputation among the whole industry. At the same time, relying on the exhibition, part of the projects were docked and several cooperation agreements were signed which laid the groundwork for the next development.

During May 29 to May 30, 2014 China Beijing E-Commerce Conference was held by CIFTIS. Tianjin municipal Commission of Commerce organized area county Commission of Commerce and more than 10 E-Commerce enterprises, about 40 people, attended the conference.

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