Alibaba Beefs Up Customer Service With New Hire
Source: View: 251 Date: 2014-06-04

Chinese e-commerce group Alibaba has established a new customer service unit and appointed Dai Shan as chief customer service officer.

Alibaba reportedly has 2,241 customer service employees working for,, the B2B business, and Aliyun. The company provides various customer safeguard services such as advanced compensation, 7-day no-fault returns and exchange goods, three times compensation for fake products, and consumer safeguard fund.

Alibaba Group said that the newly established customer service unit will be responsible for the unified planning of customer services of the entire group. It will integrate the group’s resources, establish customer service talent base and organizational structure, and build higher customer services standards. At the same time, on behalf of customers, this unit will assess the customer services of various departments of the group.

Lu Zhaoxi, chief executive officer of Alibaba Group, said in an internal email that Alibaba’s businesses are forming an eco-system and the group becomes more and more influential in the society. Customers require more efficient and integrated service experience and faster response the group.

Alibaba’s newly appointed chief customer service officer Dai Shan is the group’s chief personnel officer and one of Alibaba’s 18 co-founders. Since the founding of Alibaba Group, Dai has been participating in its operation and once led sales, marketing, and the human resources of the group.


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