Ministry of Education & Ministry of Commerce: Opinions on Adjusting Mechanism of Service Outsourcing Talents and Improving the Ability of Service Outsourcing Development
Source:  View: 274 Date: 2014-06-05

Each province, autonomous region, departments of education in municipality city, the competent commercial departments, ministry of education and ministry of commerce of XPCC, universities, the competent commercial departments and ministry of education in service outsourcing demonstration city of China:

In order to thoroughly the spirit of Third Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee,innovating mechanism of higher education, training organizations and service outsourcing talent training according to the Outline of the National Program for Long - and Medium - Term educational reform and Development   2010 to 2020, improving the quality of personnel training, with the propose of providing talents for the outsourcing industry to promote the development of the industry, according to the requirement of the Reply of the State Council General Office to Promote the Development of the Service Outsourcing Industry(No.33 of the State Council General Office’s Reply),we offer following a few opinions.

Firstly, we should standard the service outsourcing major and perfect the personnel structure. The service outsourcing industry refers to ITO, BPO, KPO and relevant services. The universities should create opportunities to open new majors in relation to service outsourcing major or open new majors under computer science. We should promote the process of cultivating applied, compound and innovational talents and the local universities should focus on training practical applied talents of the service outsourcing major. Demonstration software schools should enhance the training of advanced talents and Demonstration vocational and technical colleges should put training practical outsourcing talents as main task. Universities should build a dynamic talents training mechanism due to the service outsourcing changes. Universities can cooperate with demonstration service outsourcing cities, establishing order-based cultivating mode or non-curricula seminars, launching a market-oriented open teaching system.

Secondly, we should perfect the standards of service outsourcing talents. Ministry of Education should develop and publish teaching standards for both undergraduate and higher vocational specialty of service outsourcing. Ministry of Commerce should support the institutions to conduct research about standards of basic, middle and senior talents and promote the development of the service outsourcing enterprises with the standards and practical situations to establish an international and comprehensive training system. The relevant universities, training organizations and service outsourcing enterprises should train the talents according to the industrial standards and found a comprehensive and market-oriented teaching system. The whole society should  uate the talents with the industrial standards to improve the quality of service outsourcing training.

Thirdly, we should deepen and reform mechanism of service outsourcing talents training. Universities should cooperate with service outsourcing enterprises and they together can develop training targets, teaching system,  uation systems. At the same time, they should increase investment to promote the management and operation for the training bases. Universities can organize young teachers to take train classes in the service outsourcing enterprises and employ service outsourcing exports who are of rich practical experience as part-time teachers to improve the practical ability of the teachers’ teams. University should make full use of the national foundations and exchange programs to train international talents. Service outsourcing enterprises should closely cooperate with universities to promote the talents training through Excellent Engineer Training Program, training bases, research project and talents communication together. We will encourage the innovation collaboration mode between the universities and enterprises and focus on support the enterprises to employ graduates   their cooperation program. The demonstration cities should greatly promote the development of the cooperation between universities and enterprises and give policy support to them. According to the requirement of money management of international service outsourcing development and the local management of fund use of service outsourcing public platform, the demonstration cities should also establish and improve public information service platforms and public training services platforms to provide training bases and environment for the graduates and employees in service outsourcing industry.

Fourthly, we will support the service outsourcing major graduates to start an outsourcing business. Outsourcing industry belongs to knowledge serves industry. We should make full use of features of service outsourcing,and support graduates to start their own business. Universities should incorporate pioneering education into talents training project and provide them with knowledge, spirit and ability. Through graduates’ innovation imbark training program, universities should encourage the students to practice in service outsourcing areas and promote the training of interdisciplinary talents by holding entrepreneurship competition for college students. We will also encourage the service outsourcing enterprises to provide training for college students. The demonstration cities should carry out promotion policy with actual local conditions determined to provide support for college students’ opening service outsourcing enterprises.

Fifthly, we should encourage the graduates to employ in service outsourcing enterprises. We should organize outsourcing recruiting events for the graduates and promote the communication and  ion between the enterprises and universities. We should do the recruiting work well with encouraging demonstration service outsourcing cities and universities to take an active participant in and the service outsourcing enterprises releasing recruitments according to their vacant posts. The local government should release recruitments and timely in order to increase the change of the employment for the service outsourcing enterprises. The education in universities should meet the needs of the enterprises and the service outsourcing enterprises should strengthen the guidance and the propaganda work for graduates.

Sixthly, we should establish a sound security system for the service outsourcing talents. Ministry of Education and Ministry of Commerce will organize an export team together to coordinate policies and study the standards of the outsourcing industry, guiding the talents training work at the macroscopic level. Strengthening policy support, if a qualified service outsourcing enterprise employs a college degree (or above) staff with sighing an over one-year contract, the enterprise can receive a not exceeding 4500 RMB per people training support. If a talent accepts training class through a qualified outsourcing training organization and pass the professional skills test, and is employed in a service outsourcing enterprise with signing an over one-year contract then the training organization can receive a not exceeding 500 RMB per people training support. Through the Improving the quality of the Instruction and the Promotion the Reform of the Teaching Project, we should support the universities to reform with the purpose to establish a comprehensive outsourcing major. We should also support the universities to build training bases as well as promote construction and sharing of the curricula. Relying on Excellent Engineer Training Program, we can reform the training of the service outsourcing talents.

On the basis of requirements of region’s economic transformation and upgrade as well as the current situations, regional Ministry of Education and Ministry of Commerce should conduct specific methods with the purposes of promoting the mechanism of innovation service outsourcing talents training, improving the ability of the talents, promoting the development of the service outsourcing industry of China according to the above opinions.

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