The First Public Service Platform of E-business & Outsourcing Statistics was Launched in Fujian
Source:  View: 231 Date: 2014-06-05

With the development of the global information industry, the first public service platform of E-business & outsourcing statistics was launched in Fujian under the name Zhengtongwang. It was reported that it was the first official E-business & outsourcing statistics platform which was operated by Fujian Provincial Bureau of Statistics and co- operated by Development and Reform Commission of Fujian province, Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology, Department of Commerce, Administration for Industry & Commerce, Communications Administration, Fuzhou Central Sub-branch of the People’s Bank of China, Banking Regulatory Commission of Fujian, Fujian E-commerce Association, Fuzhou branch of CIECC.

Aiming at providing high quality service to collect data and pursuit development, used complete data collection system as its key foundation and customized enterprise services as its operation guarantee. The government could use the website to provide policy advices, industry information, statistical analysis, image display, brand extension, information dissemination and all kind of services for the E-commerce and service outsourcing enterprises and collect data as well.

At the same time, the government not only could meet the needs of the statistics of E-commerce and service outsourcing industry, but also could promote the development of the industry. It was a win-win mode. By the end of the May 28, over 600 enterprises had enrolled in with a total number of 1328 pieces of messages. It was highly acclaimed since it was established, and gained a good reputation   both the government and enterprises.

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