The Construction of National Public Culture Digital Support Platform was Officially Launched
Source:  View: 219 Date: 2014-06-05

At the conference of Digital Cultural Corridor Construction for Remote Regions, Zhijin Yang, the vice Secretary & Minister of the Party of the Ministry of Culture, distributed the construction of national public culture digital support platform documents to Shandong Provincial Department of Culture and Sub-Centre of Shandong Culture Sharing Project, marking the officially launching of the construction of national public culture digital support platform.

In order to promote the public culture service by using modern technology such as cloud computing and big data, the Ministry of Culture launched the National Public Culture Digital Support Platform project in 2012 and Shandong province was a number of the project after approved by the relevant authorities.

After accepting the task documents, the sub-center of Shandong would deploy a serious of work such as developing cloud computing management system, resource sharing system, online distribution system, application integration system and other relevant systems with promoting the local application and development of the platform. A public cultural community site named Yuexiang was founded at the same time. The public cultural community site was an open resources system which could allow users to self - display and share resources between the authorities and the members.

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