Colorful Group, In Partnership with Chaintech and, Unveils All New Products at Computex
Source: View: 231 Date: 2014-06-06

Colorful Group, in partnership with, hosted a new product release conference named "Fuse and Gather" on June 3, 2014 Taipei time at Taiwan Computex, one of the world three most influential electronics expos. At the event, Colorful Group unveiled its upcoming suite of new products as well as several concept products, in a move to display its technical strength at the conference. Colorful Group has extended the product family behind the iGame brand to include motherboards and computer cases with the aim of building a first-class game hardware brand.


The iGame branded high-end game motherboard product series was showcased to the public for the first time at Computex, targeting high-end players, the same segment that is targeted for the graphic card. The motherboards, with a different model for each game - iGame Ymir and iGame Ymir-U, maintains the DNA of the original iGame Ymir, including features such as the classical iGame pure power supply (I.P.P.) and the "excessive" silver plating technology (SPT). Intel’s newly released Z97 flagship chipsets are installed on the motherboard, making it the top-level product in terms of hardware configuration currently available in the market. Apart the basic configuration, the newly-released iGame motherboard has been equipped with Gamer Voice, an audio system specially designed for game players, delivering superior game sound effects with an eye on the increasingly important game voice quality. Moreover, the motherboard has employed network cards the Killer E2200 family, in a move to effectively decrease the online game delay and improve the game player’s user experience.

Along with iGame motherboards, Colorful Group is also announcing news about iGame computer cases. Named the Mammoth, the iGame computer case comes in the shape of a full-sized tower and a supporting dual PSU, reflecting the shape of many a graphic card. The computer case is tailor-made for top players who love MOD. The most prominent highlight is its huge size and the functionalization of the inner space, which can accommodate 3 rows of 360ml water-cooled tubes, enhancing the fun of MOD playing. The case is entirely made of aluminum, with some plates as thick as 8mm. The front face of the computer case can be unfolded like a pair of wings in flight, while side plates are made of highly transparent stalinite. The stunningly cool appearance lives up to high-end player’s pursuit of the perfect computer case. Designed with the suggestions professional players built in, the iGame mammoth MK- I, one of the key products being released within this series, highly conforms to iGame player’s the customized concept of many iGame players.

All the key products that were showcased at iGame’s release conference are all new items developed through brand extension, an important approach that Colorful Group is adopting in 2014 to further expand into game player market. The aim of growing the iGame product family is to have an integrated hardware product that allows for the building of a seamless experiencing environment so that users can have a richer experience. Several new iGame graphic cards were released at the conference as well, such as iGame’s flagship iGame 780Ti Kudan, iGame 750 Buri-Slim and iGame 750 Buri-LP. Furthermore, Colorful Group also unveiled two concept products, 780 6G-Liquid graphic cards using only water to cool down and graphic cards with modular coolers that can be easily assembled. These 2 new graphic cards demonstrate Colorful Group’s solid strength in hardware technology.

The Colorful Group has also announced a tie up with Chaintech Technology Corporation and to execute its international marketing strategy., China’s largest independent e-business provider, will be Colorful Group’s partner as it enters the international market.’s strong sourcing and logistic supply chain plus its pending plan for a logistics network on a global scale will enable Colorful Group’s products ordered through’s site goods can be bought with no geographical restrictions to move rapidly’s warehouses into the hands of clients in Taiwan or any other destination around the world.


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