Guizhou Province Launched Leading Group for Big Data Industry Development
Source:  View: 280 Date: 2014-06-06

The reporter got news   Government of Guizhou Province that there had established a leading group for big data industry development as for push the development of this industry.

Governor of Guizhou Province Chen Miner is the leader of this group. Qin Rupei, secretary of Guizhou Provincial CPC Committee and vice governor, as well as Secretary of Party Working Committee, is the standing deputy leader. Chen Gang, secretary of Guiyang Municipal CPC Committee, and Wang Jiangping, the vice provincial governor are deputy chiefs. While all other provincial heads of departments and municipal heads are group members.

There will be a group office, and before this office put into use, its responsibilities will be on the Economic & Information Commission of Guizhou Province.

Up to now, Guizhou Province has released instruments like Opinions on Policies of Accelerating the Development and Application of Big Data Industry and Plan for Big Data Industry Development and Application in Guizhou Province( Year 2014 to 2020), which set a blueprint for the big data industry’s development.

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