Gehua CATV Network Signed 4G Network Cooperation Agreement with China Mobile
Source: View: 256 Date: 2014-06-09

Recently, Gehua CATV Network Co. Ltd published an announcement that, its subsidiary, Beijing Gehua CATV Digital and Media Company has signed a framework agreement on 4G network joint development with China MobileBeijing branch. Based on the Gehua CATV network infrastructure, both sides aim to expand 4G network construction and maintenance, optical fiber and pipeline and other resources sharing in the next 5 years. Gehua CATV will deploy the mobile communication infrastructure and equipment, ,and provide operation and maintenance and optimization service.

Gehua CATV was listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange in Feb, 2001. Up to the end of 2013, the number of its CATV registered customers has amounted to 5.24 million, 0. 238 million are household broadband customers and 3.82 million are HD interactive DTV customers. Gehua used to cooperate with China Mobile Beijing branch to sign a framework agreement on WLAN construction cooperation in 2012.

Fu liang, an independent telecom industry analyst says, the main objective of the cooperation is that China Mobile hopes to expand the 4G network coverage in China, aided by Gehua CATV resources. Thus, the two companies will share their basic resources to cooperate with each other, and China Mobile will be able to have the access to cover residential area through Gehua CATV’s infrastructure, which will save a lot of construction cost.

The announcement of Gehua points out, in 2014, the cooperation is expected to cover hundreds of locations in Beijing; China Mobile takes the responsibility to pay for related costs defined on the contract.


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