Mobile user data in China, Japan, Korea worth $11.9bn per year
Source: View: 291 Date: 2014-06-16

Sharing aggregated, anonymous data about the location and behaviour of mobile subscribers in China, Japan and South Korea will represent an $11.9 billion annual revenue opportunity for telcos there as soon as 2019.

This is according to Syniverse, which commissioned research firm Strategic Economic Engineering Corp (SEEC) to calculate the size of the market for what it calls mobile context data in these markets. In February, Syniverse put the global revenue opportunity for mobile context data at $44 billion per year.

"Mobile context enables brands to customise interaction with end users and further enrich their experiences," said Mary Clark, chief marketing officer of Syniverse, in a statement on Wednesday.

According to SEEC’s findings, China could be worth $5.9 billion, Japan $4.5 billion, and Korea $1.4 billion per annum in five years.

"This region offers a critical opportunity for mobile innovation," said Clark. "Mobile context has the potential to deliver enhanced benefits to consumers, the companies they trust and the operators that serve them."

Specifically, Syniverse sees mobile banking, online shopping and m-payments, and increasing tourism in these countries as particularly lucrative sectors tapping mobile context data could help to engender stronger brand loyalty.

It is worth noting that the model Syniverse envisions is one a platform provider – like Syniverse, funnily enough – acts as the middleman that does the heavy lifting to establish mutually beneficial relationships between brands and mobile operators.

"Operators stand to benefit the sale of opted-in mobile context data; brands can enhance their ability to target and engage with their audiences; and end-users can gain value highly personalised, relevant brand engagement," said Syniverse.


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