Yahoo buys analytics firm Flurry
Source: View: 205 Date: 2014-07-23

Yahoo has agreed to acquire mobile analytics specialist Flurry as it seeks to carve itself a bigger slice of a growing mobile advertising market.

The Internet company made the announcement on Monday, but did not disclose the terms of the deal. Various media reports have estimated it at up to $300 million.

Flurry has built a mobile analytics tool that analyses smartphone and tablet apps, giving developers and marketers a better understanding of user behaviour and the ability to deliver personalised ads. For Yahoo this means a potential boost to its mobile advertising revenue.

"We want to harness our collective innovative spirit and bolster the mobile ecosystem by providing developers the analytics and monetisation solutions to drive their success," Scott Burke, SVP of advertising technology at Yahoo, said in a statement.

The global mobile advertising market will reach $32.71 billion in 2014, up $17.71 billion last year, according to forecasts eMarketer. As it stands, Google and Facebook account for more than two thirds of the market, the firm noted.

Yahoo pointed out that it is seeing strong growth in mobile display and search revenues and that more than half of its monthly audience visits via a mobile device.

Meanwhile, Flurry said that 170,000 developers use Flurry Analytics. The tool runs on an average of seven apps per device and scans app activity 1.4 billion devices every month.

The takeover is subject to certain closing conditions. Yahoo did not specify when it expects to complete the deal.


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