Cisco plans $30m IoT lab in Barcelona
Source: View: 224 Date: 2014-07-24

Cisco has announced plans to establish an Internet of Things lab in Barcelona tasked with developing smart city solutions and services.

Scheduled to open in summer 2016, the facility will be a place for Cisco to collaborate with customers, partners and research bodies on new IoT offerings. It will enable Cisco to showcase its current activities in the smart cities sector, which span several verticals energy, transportation, health and security, to residential, entertainment, education and retail, among others.

"These centres represent powerful hubs capable of galvanising innovative thinking into influential new strategies for defining and building the next iteration of our cities and of our world," said Anil Menon, president of Smart+Connected Communities at Cisco, in a statement on Tuesday. "As urban services become connected within cities, unprecedented economic opportunities will follow."

Called the Cisco Global IoE (Internet of Everything) Innovation Centre, it will be located in what’s become known as Barcelona’s innovation district. Commonly referred to as 22@, it occupies the former industrial area of Poblenou.

Based on its current plans, Cisco said it will invest $30 million in the lab between 2015 and 2020.

Cisco "will help us to reinforce our bet on a new model of economical growth based on technology, urban innovation and advanced services", said Barcelona’s mayor, Xavier Trías.

Cisco’s Barcelona lab will be one of five sites focused on IoT. It has facilities up and running in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Songdo, South Korea and has two more under development in Germany and Canada.

Smart cities will herald "new ways to share information, to extend learning, to distribute expertise and resources, to accommodate need and address challenges", Menon said.


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