Voda pulls back on Spain fibre project as Ono deal closes
Source: totaltele.com View: 263 Date: 2014-07-24

Vodafone on Wednesday announced that it has renegotiated the terms of its joint fibre rollout project with Orange in Spain, cutting down the number of homes the pair plan to cover as a result of the completion of its acquisition of cable operator Ono.

Together Orange and Vodafone now plan to build out fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) to 2 million premises in Spain, having previously set a target of 3 million by 2015 and 6 million by September 2017.

As it stands, the two telcos have covered 800,000 premises.

They have agreed to roll out the network to a further 1.2 million by September 2015 only in areas Ono’s high-speed fibre network is not present. In addition, Vodafone will provide Orange with wholesale access to 1 million homes using Ono’s network, which means the pair can claim joint coverage of 3 million premises.

The new agreement will also enable Orange and Vodafone to provide wholesale access to one another on future FTTH deployments on a reciprocal basis.

"Our partnership with Orange Spain complements our acquisition of Ono, ensuring a highly efficient deployment of high-speed broadband and bringing more competition to the Spanish market," said Vodafone’s Europe CEO Philipp Humm, in a statement.

Vodafone agreed to pay €7.2 billion for Spanish cableco Ono in March with a view to adding more fixed assets into its portfolio.

The deal got the go-ahead the European Commission earlier this month and closed on Wednesday.


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