Bharti picks up 3G licence in Niger
Source: View: 299 Date: 2014-07-25

The government of Niger has awarded a 3G licence to mobile operator Celtel and agreed to renew its existing 2G licence.

The telco, which is owned by India’s Bharti Airtel, has agreed to pay 34 billion West African CFA francs (€52 million) for the two licences,Reuters reported. The 15-year licences will run 7 December, it said.

However, according to a separate report on, Celtel has permission to start offering 3G services as soon as it has rolled out its network.

The Website added that Celtel is Niger’s largest mobile operator, with more than 2 million subscribers.

Meanwhile, the Indian press pointed out that Bharti now has 3G licences in all 17 of its African markets.

It has rolled out 3G services in 15 markets in Africa, the Economic Times said, and is working towards a launch in Chad, it picked up a 3G and 4G permit in April.


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