Zunyi Develops Service Outsourcing of Big Data and Call Center Industry to Cultivate a New Economic Growth Point
Source: http://www.xinhuanet.com/ View: 275 Date: 2015-05-25


"It will be the new economic growth point in regional economy to develop call center industry as the key point and most basic industry of developing big data industry” said by Shuwang Wei, vice secretary of municipal party committee & secretary of municipal party of Zunyi.

The Zunyi government has been contracted strategic cooperation agreement on 22nd May respectively with Economic and Information Commission of Guizhou province and Huatang Zhongke Education and Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. to promote the development of big data service outsourcing and call center industry.

According to the introduction, the China’s call center industry has wide prospect of market; and the investment scale in 2015 will breakthrough 130 billion RMB. With constantly national attention and support of service outsourcing and call center industry and the transformation of industry from developed cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guanzhou to the Midwest in China, Zunyi has grasped the opportunities and fully used local advantages to plan and construct “The Demonstration Base of Service Outsourcing and Call Center Industry in Zunyi”, “The Demonstration Base of Service Outsourcing and Call Center Industry in Wuzhengdao County” and “The Demonstration Park of Big Data Service Outsourcing Industry Cooperated by Sichuan Province and Zunyi City” rounding the goal of constructing billions of level information industry with the center of Big Data.

There are more than 6000 call sites built in Zunyi, and in the future Zunyi will speed up the construction of key projects and key parks and actively cultivate professional people in call center vocational colleges. So it will be more than 20,000 sites built in 2016 and more than 100,000 sites in 2017.

It is known that Zunyi strives to make service outsourcing and call center industrial group that has more than 200,000 sites cooperated in whole city, providing more than 400,000 jobs for employees and accomplishing output value of more than 20 billion RMB and tax of more than 1.5 billion RMB.

Shuwang Wei also said that the project of service outsourcing and call center industry that located in Zunyi is significant to relieve the employment stress and promote economic development. Meanwhile to create business model pilot projects such as “modern service company + farmers” and “modern service + poverty alleviation” with the basis of constructing demonstration base, also brings new mode of global service outsourcing and call center business and new chances for developing service outsourcing and call center industry in Zunyi.

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