Chongqing Speed up the Development of Service Trade and Service Outsourcing Industry
Source: View: 277 Date: 2015-05-25


"The Implementation Opinion of Chongqing People’s Government about Speeding up the Development of Service Trade and Service Outsourcing Industry” has been passed by the 92nd executive meeting of municipal government that has been host by the mayor of Chongqing, Qifan Huang. He also put forward that the total value of import and export about service trade in whole province will be 30 billion USD in 2020.

The meeting shows that it will be significant to speed up the development of service trade and service outsourcing industry for upgrading industry, building new increasing bright-lights, constructing new development engine of modern service industry and expanding employment channels. The implementation opinion puts forward 7 main developing areas of service trade and service outsourcing industry in whole province.

The first one is developing cross-border trade e-commerce by creating the mode, perfecting public service platform and constructing demonstration base. The second is to develop internet & cloud computing and big data industries with optimizing layout of internet & cloud computing & big data industry to construct a new whole industrial chain of cloud computing to service global that breakthrough in the middle and followed from upstream and downstream. The third is to develop cross-border settlement and investment and financing conveniently with building the highland of cross-border financial settlement, promoting actively facility of cross-border investment and financing. The fourth is to develop international transportation with constructing three-dimensional transportation system and cultivating industrial group of international transportation. The fifth is to develop bonded trade with promoting the development of bonded trade, service trade and goods trade collaboratively. The sixth is to develop the trade of foreign culture with cultivating local culture bands that have international competitive ability; constructing platform of culture trade and making demonstration, delivery and auction businesses of global culture art works. The last one is to develop offshore service outsourcing with speeding up the construction of demonstration city and optimizing structure of service outsourcing.

There are other people attending the meeting such as vice mayor Jieming Weng, Ting He, Gang Wu, Heping Chen, Qiang Liu, Wei Liu and Lvping Chen.

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