The Service Outsourcing Research Center of the Ministry of Commerce Investigates in Changzhou
Source: View: 297 Date: 2015-05-16

From May 13th to 14th, Fangli Qian, Director of Service Outsourcing Research Center of the Ministry of Commerce, and her party came to Changzhou, made special research for the development of service outsourcing industry. Guoqiang Fang, Deputy Mayor, Dongling Pan, Director of the Municipal Ministry of Commerce, Deying Zou, Deputy Mayor accompanied.

Fangli Qian and her party came to OKI Software Technology Co., Ltd., Cudatec Technology and Development Co., Ltd. to make an on-the-spot investigation, and visited creative industry base exhibition hall in Changzhou.

On the forum, Guoqiang Fang, Deputy Mayor, focally introduced the features of service outsourcing industry in Changzhou and the next development thoughts. Director Fangli Qian fully affirmed the achievements of service outsourcing, she admired the thoughts of "Separating main part and subordinate part" for companies, and accelerating the development of productive service outsourcing. She pointed out that the municipal government of Changzhou paid high attention to the development of service outsourcing, the strong city strength of Changzhou, developed manufacture basis and superior entrepreneurship environment were all the advantageous conditions to further develop service outsourcing, and she gave advices about impelling service outsourcing companies to "Go abroad" with the construction of "One Belt And One Road".

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