Hefei High-Technology Industry Development Area: Create Innovation Legend by “Technology +” & Make People Benefit from the Integration of Industry and City
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We are staying at the age of a new round of creative concept all over the world, and even at the age of creating magic constantly. Hefei that is making “Dahu Famous City and Creative Highland” as developing goal has been building another legend of “Technology +” in the groups of technology and education cities on its “southwest highland”. With the development orientation of “Industry Development as Main Engine to Creatively Developing New Highland”, Hefei High-Technology Development Area constantly makes the benefit for people with the progress of science and education career driven by creation and integration of industry and city.

To Develop “High-Tech Gene” That is leading City

Hefei Hi-Tech Industry Development Area has been in the 11th in “Innovation Ability Evaluation” evaluated by national hi-tech area in 2014. The regional production value of Hefei hi-tech development area was 44.47 billion RMB in 2014 increasing 11.8%; the all diameter revenue was 7.695 billion RMB up 52% that has been the first one continuously in the whole city. It not only finished the economic task issued by Hefei government, but also made some economic indicators the top in Hefei.

The economic quality rising steadily has been benefited from accurate understanding of hi-tech area to economy structure adjustment based on “New Normal”. The strategic emerging industries of Hefei High-Technology Industry Development Area has broken-through including high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy, public security, e-information, biological medicine and new materials, and the production value was 42.57 billion RMB increasing 47.3% year-on-year in 2014. There has been 160 national hi-tech companies newly identified by our country and the total number was 365. The tax revenue accomplished by hi-tech industry was 2.94 billion RMB increasing 21.7%. The development of distributed photovoltaic application demonstration area was rapidly; it has finished 11 interconnection projects and produced 32 MW and the production value was 15.05 billion RMB. This strategic emerging industry that has been belonging to national part has made the industries of hi-tech development area at the top steadily.

Planting buttonwood to attract phoenix. Hefei High-Technology Development Area has grasped the golden chance of investment and capital introduction to gain 21.93 billion RMB with the good industrial base and perfect technology and education resources; the scale has broken-through 2 billion RMB at first time. There were 27 strategic emerging industrial projects introduced in the area such as Ingenic Semiconductor, Xinjingyuan, Meishi Medical Technology Co., Ltd and EPNK; and the China Headquarters of Continental AG, Asia Pacific R&D and Operation Center of Whirlpool Corporation also located successfully. The total number of companies and industrial and commercial households was 11283 in the Hefei Hi-Tech Development Area; and it accomplished the goal of “Thousands of Merchants”. There are more than 101 companies that have more than billion production value.

The Three-Body Construction from Library to Market

The research results must be tested by market before gaining money. Constructing technology creation system as key point, Hefei Hi-Tech Development Area gave full play to the advantages of test area to strengthen the three-body construction of company, innovation carrier and industry & education & research to build transformation channel for technology results and to improve industrial core competition.

For the co-innovation platform construction, Institute of Advanced Technology, University of Science and Technology of China has built 33 R&D center, 73 hatch innovation enterprises and employed 1055 new employees including 580 engineer masters and PHDs in 2014. A series of important platform projects have been promoted steadily such as quantum communication north and south main pipe center, network experiment equipments in the future, international R&D service platform and advanced technology and financial technology platform; and Intelligent Manufacturing Institute of HFUT and CAS Institute of Technology Innovation Co., Ltd. have been operated. Hefei & Wuhu & Bengfu Science and Technology Innovation Public Service Center has been identified as national technology transformation demonstration institute. The innovation element integration and technology transformation service level of Hefei Hi-Tech Development Area have improved.

With development of national science and technology service system, the first phase of occupancy rate in Innovation Industry Park has up to 95%. With the science and technology innovation board of Anhui Equity Exchange, there are 84 companies of Hefei Hi-Tech Development Area registering accounting for 65% in Anhui province. The number of technology contract recorded by Hefei Science and Technology Public Service Hall from Anhui Science and Technology Results Center was 3046; and the amount of deals was 4.42 billion RMB accounting for 51% in Anhui province. Hi-Tech Entrepreneurship Park has been the national science and technology entrepreneurship hatch chain construction demonstration that is the only one in whole province with further perfect whole chain & internet hatch service system and construction and using of the second phase of innovation platform.  “Hefei Development Plan in Multi-Capital Market” compiled by Hefei Hi-Tech Area that is signed cooperation contract with Shanghai Stock Exchange, provides continuous financial support for development of Hefei Hi-Tech companies.


The series of policy and service made prosperity of company independent innovation and construction of talent special area. Hefei Hi-Tech Area cultivated 48 little giant enterprises that total number is 302; and there were 37 companies supported by national innovation capital in last year. There were 4924 patents applied including 2468 developing patents that has been the first in whole province. There were 30 companies identified as municipal engineering technology research center including 8 companies identified as provincial engineering technology research center. There were 13 companies identified as municipal enterprise technology center including 4 provincial centers. Public Security Industry Intellectual Property group pilot has been passed by national test, while Intellectual Property managed pilot has been passed by provincial test. Furthermore, Hefei General Machinery Research Institute also has been awarded as the first prize of science and technology progress. There were more than 1900 talents who have been master and higher certification introduced in 2014; including one chosen by national “Ten Thousand People Plan”, increasing 16 of them chosen into “Thousand People Plan”, 23 of them into provincial and municipal “Hundred People Plan”, 21 leading talent. And there were 23 provincial and municipal industry innovation groups and 26 municipal introduced intelligent projects.

The Integration of Industry and City to Build Science and Education Livelihood

As the characteristic of integration of industry and city, Hefei Hi-Tech Area promoted science and technology and education that brings ecological new town and livelihood for people, after identifying the first “National Ecological Industry Demonstration Park” in mid-west part of China.

Hefei Hi-Tech Area has finished industrial development research of “China Science Intelligent City” and conceptual planning, meanwhile updated the research of “Organic Updating” in Jiancheng District, promoted construction of “Intelligent Hi-Tech Area” and set up intelligent city innovation industry union. With the complication of the population relocation defined by rail transit line 2, there have been 117 infrastructure projects started in 2014 and invested 7.477 billion RMB. The network of roads, transportation and water & electricity has been updated fully. There were 30 people’s livelihood projects implemented in Anhui province, Hefei and Hi-Tech Area that have been invested 2.6 billion RMB in a whole year accounting for more than 80% of fiscal spending. Along with the opening of Hefei NO.7 High School and Canadian International School of Hefei, cultural and educational career has entered into updating age accompanied by construction of integration of industry and city.

"Jianghuai Silicon Valley” Shock the World

"China Science Intelligent City” is also called “Jianghuai Silicon Valley”. Although regional economy develops slowly under “New Normal”, Hi-Tech Area still set two-digit development goal in 2015 that is GDP of area will increase 11% and the fiscal revenue will increase 12%. The reason why set this goal is that Hi-Tech area has constructed new modern industrial system of “Technology +” based on international view. Rising benchmark and shooting at international and national high-end area, Hefei Hi-Tech Area will build and strengthen international and national leading modern industrial groups including home appliance, photovoltaic of new energy, automatics, intelligent voice, public security, integrated circuit and biologic medicine. Putting the 4.0 industrial developments deeply and promoting the transformation from traditional manufacturing to mid-high and intelligent-end, to accomplish intelligent production and management and to improve intensive level of industrial production. To construct international science and innovation community with integration of science and technology innovation, trade and commerce, ecological leisure, and healthy sports; to promote high-end, clustering and branding service development.

The Anhui channel of People’s Daily Online has known that Hefei Hi-Tech Area is speeding up the construction of national open layout. Integrate into actively labor system of Yangtze River Delta Urban Agglomeration Industry Division, strengthening connection with Shanghai Free Trade Zone, promoting mechanism reform of relative areas, building business environment conformed to international investment and trade prevailing rules. Hi-Tech Area also attracts external capital actively and promote advantaged companies to financing expansion and restructuring of listed. Promoting the strategy of “Walk Out”, to lead advantaged companies to accomplish merger, acquisition and reorganization through mergers and acquisitions investment and co-investment. Hi-Tech Area also set the emerging industries including integrated circuit, biological engineering, and industrial robots as key investment all over the world based on international understanding and sticks to investment in global to reserve emerging industrial projects.

No matter how change of external environment, they are still endogenous power of keeping strong development momentum for Hi-Tech Area to accomplish innovation and to play regional competitive advantages. To build independent innovation origins of Yangtze River Delta with international standard, optimizing innovation chain, strengthening industrial chain and improving value chain and core competitive ability. This year, Hefei Hi-Tech Area mainly lead innovative resources into enterprises speed up the introduction of leading innovative companies and improve innovation ability and core competitive ability of companies to construct “Innovation Ecologic System” integrated with high-end talent cultivation, advanced technology research, innovative result delivery and industry. To promote management mechanism innovation of Institute of Advanced Technology , University of Science and Technology of China; Intelligent Manufacturing Institute of HFUT; CAS(Hefei) Institute of Technology Innovation Co., Ltd and Institute of Public Security Research. To mainly strengthen construction of platform connotation and to speed up constructing research platform such as integrated circuit, biological engineering and public security. Based on co-innovation platform, to cluster and cultivate innovation and entrepreneurship group, setting up innovative unit and hatching innovative companies.

Besides that, in order to optimize innovation service environment, Hi-Tech Area will declare actively innovation driven development demonstration projects to Ministry of Science and Technology and to build innovation service demonstration area with global influences, sticking to deploy innovation chain rounding industrial chain, and deploy service chain rounding innovation chain. To perfect the innovation service system and to integrate science and technology innovation service institutes in industrial chain upstream and downstream. In order to develop industry, to provide multi-aspect, systematic and professional service of application research, testing, mid-hatching and technology delivery with cultivating a series of brand science and technology service institutes and companies caught up with international market. To perfect science and technology entrepreneurship chain, to optimize functional configuration of “the nursery-the incubator-the accelerator- industrial base”, to strengthen construction of hatch service standard. To immobilize service standard as form of system, to promote targeted service quality, normalized service methods and procedural service progress. To promote marketing reform of incubator management and operation mechanism, Hi-Tech Area tries to set up the professional incubator and accelerator of “platform construction, resources integration and leading development” with the subject of companies.

For integrating science and technology finance deeply, Hi-Tech will make and further perfect the system lead by listed companies and implement the planning of “135 Trapezoidal Backup Resources Reserve Program”. To perfect enterprise credit system and independent innovation investment policy supporting system with constructing financial information service platform of small and mid-sized enterprises in Hi-Tech Area. To deeply strategic cooperation with professional institutes such as Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange, to cluster resources elements to set up fund industry alliance. Hi-Tech Area also will make fiscal and financial products to play the yeast and leverage importance of fiscal capital and to increase the financial support of social capital for science and technology enterprises.

With the steady promotion of “China Science Intelligent City”, Hi-Tech Area has also become “Hefei & Wuhu & Bengfu Talent Special Area” gradually. And the phenomena of Youth Entrepreneurship and Peoples Innovation will be more famous. This year, Hi-Tech Area perfects the “2+2” policy based on promotion of Zhonguancun “2+2” policy for Hefei & Wuhu & Bengfu test area, and starts innovation and entrepreneurship group construction of “Jianghuai Silicon Valley”. The area also promotes introduction and cultivation of “Group Form” and plays the incentive and leading function for hi-tech and innovative talent to incentive people’s activities further. And Hi-Tech Area also promotes the Anhui Province Youth Entrepreneurship Capital to play importance quickly to speed up Youth Entrepreneurship and Peoples Innovation. Promoting the introducing talent method of integrating high-level talent, college graduates and labor market, Hi-Tech Area tries to find a new service mode of “Talent Market into Community”. High-Technology Labor Market in Anhui province plans to organize 65 job fairs and to start multi-forms training and communicating activities with All China Federation of Industry & Commerce, China Overseas Investment Union, China Female Entrepreneurs Association and Entrepreneurs Salon.

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