The Service Outsourcing Industry of Tianjin Economic and Technology Development Area Speeding Up
Source: View: 268 Date: 2015-05-21

The huge development opportunity of India brought by service outsourcing industry once made Thomas L. Friedman, the famous bestselling author shocking “The World is flat”. Now the emerging industry with strong developing trend has brought other possibilities for Tianjin Development Area except manufacturing. According to recent statistics, the implementation amount of Tianjin Development Area has increased 17.1% in the first four-month of 2015. With the construction of service outsourcing industrial ecosystem in Tianjin Development Area, the number above will be increased more in the future.

Good Development of Industry benefits from Clustering Excellent Companies

According recent statistics, the implementation value of service outsourcing in Tianjin Development Area is 248 million USD in the first four months of 2015, increasing 17.1% year-on-year, accounting for 61.6% of total amount in Tianjin, and accounting for 77.7% of Tianjin Binhai New District. The offshore implementation value is 172 million USD, up 12.3% y-o-y, accounting for 69.7% of total amount in Tianjin and for 83.1% in Binhai New District.

Especially, the implementation value of service outsourcing in Tianjin Development Area is 56.4 million USD only in April of 2015, increasing 52.1% year-on-year, accounting for 73.9% of total amount in Tianjin, and for 92.9% in Binhai New District. The offshore implementation value is 52.27million USD, up 47.8% y-o-y, accounting for 78.7% of total amount in Tianjin and for 92.4% in Binhai New District.

For related manage department of Tianjin Development Area, good industry development has been benefited by cluster of excellent companies in it. Up to April of 2015, there are 178 companies of Tianjin Development Area registered in service outsourcing business management and statistic system of Ministry of Trade and Commerce of China. Many companies in Tianjin Development Area have been awarded “The Best Company of Tianjin Service Outsourcing Industry in 2014”, accounting for 50% of total award companies in Tianjin. They are 6 leading companies, 3 growth companies, 3 innovative companies and 1 best outsourcing training institute. “It shows absolutely steady and healthy developing trend of service outsourcing industry and abundant power of main companies in Tianjin Development Area”, said by related officers of management department of Tianjin Development Area.

Pillar Industries + Policies to Construct Good Industry Ecosystem

Haitao Qi, CEO of Devott Co., Ltd who is familiar with developing situation of Tianjin Service Outsourcing Industry said that each pillar industry of Tianjin Development Area is speeding up that provides good growth environment for service outsourcing companies; meanwhile, steady polices also benefit the development of service outsourcing companies very much.

As report notices that service outsourcing companies of Tianjin Development Area are concentrated on some special areas, such as biological medicine and e-information, and these industries precisely are traditional advantaged industries for Tianjin Development Area and have much more abundant bases.

It is said that in order to promote service outsourcing industry development, Tianjin Development Area has set up service outsourcing industry development committee and built cooperation channel between each department and companies; and also revised “Provisions on Promotion of Service Outsourcing Industry Development in Tianjin Economic and Technology Development Area”, set up 100 million RMB “TEDA Service Outsourcing Development Fund” in fiscal budget to support service outsourcing development and to provide powerful security for industry development.

While perfecting policy system, Tianjin Development Area also constructs TEDA Service Outsourcing Park according to world class infrastructure standards, provides professional service carrier for service outsourcing industry development. It not only provides excellent office services but also provides comfortable a complete set of security, improving the attraction to high quality talent for companies and region and constructing good and healthy service outsourcing industry ecosystem.

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