Experts Suggests Yunfu to Develop Service Outsourcing Industry Promote Industrial Transformation and Upgradation
Source: View: 204 Date: 2015-05-21

Developing cooperation of service outsourcing is the effective means of Yunfu City, as less developed region, to play the advantages of region and human resources, initiatively participate in the cooperation of industrial chain of developed region, promote industrial transformation and upgradation. Yesterday morning, the Fifty-first phase of "Shu Xiang Da Xi Guan Reading Forum" of Yunfu City specially invites Mingyuan Cao, Director of National Service Outsourcing Human Resources Research Institute of Tsinghua University, Chairman of Huatang Education Group, Director of China Electronic Commerce Association Industrial Upgrading and Promoting Center, to deliver the special report about "Outsourcing service", suggesting Yunfu to play advantages, seize opportunity, vigorously develop service outsourcing industry, impel industrial transformation and upgradation of Yunfu.

Guomei Pang, Secretary Municipal Committee of the CPC, Director of Municipal People's Congress, Zhiqiang Zhuo, Deputy Secretary Municipal Committee of the CPC, Mayor, and members of municipal leader team such as Dahui Huang, Haiwei Liang, Tong Feng, Huo Huang listen to the report. Haiwei Liang, Member of Municipal Commission, Secretary General, presides over the report forum.

On the report forum, Mingyuan Cao combines a lot of vivid cases, from three aspects such as the background of industrial upgradation, the concept and current situation of service outsourcing, the talent upgradation under the situation of "Internet+", elaborates the transformation of local economy and direction of industrial upgradation, analyses the development states, classification and development trends of modern service industry, introduces current development situation, classification of service outsourcing industry, and the development features and talent demands of service outsourcing industry in China, and makes analysis for the service outsourcing market in China.

Mingyuan Cao believes that China is currently facing the key period of transformation from industrialization to post-industrialization, industrial transformation and upgradation are imperative, the development of service outsourcing industry has a bright future, the growth of service outsourcing industry in China is very quick. Mingyuan Cao expresses that the location and ecology advantages of Yunfu are obvious, with the gradual improvement of transport infrastructure, Yunfu possesses advantages and conditions for undertaking service outsourcing industry, he suggests Yunfu to seize the opportunity, vigorously develop service outsourcing industry, impel industrial transformation and upgradation of Yunfu.

After the report, everyone conformably thinks that the report contents are keeping pace with the times and the explanations are wonderful, it has strong pertinence and guidance for Yunfu City to accelerate industrial transformation and upgradation, after listening to the report, they deepen the recognition to the development trend of modern industry, service outsourcing and call center development, enhance the confidence to vigorously develop emerging industries, especially the cloud computing and information service industry in Yunfu City.

Secretary General and Deputy Secretary General, members of Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection; main responsible persons and main responsible persons of relevant departments of various counties (Cities, districts); main responsible persons of Yunfu New District, Foshan (Yunfu) Industrial Transfer Park; main responsible persons of relevant departments directly in charge of City, Central Party, Province in Yunfu, members of Municipal Committee Learning Center Group Learning Secretariat also participate in the report forum.

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