The Contract Amount of Outsourcing Surpassed Ten Billions of Dollars in Suzhou Last Year
Source: View: 213 Date: 2015-05-09

The outsourcing business grows rapidly in Suzhou. According to the data released by the Ministry of Commerce in Suzhou yesterday, the contract amount of service outsourcing undertaken by citywide enterprises in 2014 reached 10.39 Billion Dollars, the execution amount reached 7.68 Billion Dollars, up by 20.3% and 22.5% respectively year-on-year, the business has been extended to many countries.

Service outsourcing is a kind of economic activity based on information network technology, it can make enterprises decrease costs and enhance core competitiveness through recombining value chain, optimizing resource allocation. Currently, the economic benefit and optimizing effect to the economic structural adjustment brought by service outsourcing gradually draw attention of the public.

As one of the twenty-one service outsourcing model cities in China which were successively affirmed by the State of Council since 2009, Suzhou has created the outsourcing brand of "China Service-Suzhou Innovation" for more than six years, service outsourcing industry is from one side to the entirety, from weakness to strength, with increasing qualities and quantities, and it is in the fast developed situation. In 2014, among the service outsourcing contracts undertaken by citywide enterprises, the contract amount of international (Offshore) service outsourcing business is 6.89 Billion Dollars, the execution amount is 5.49 Billion Dollars, up by 12.9% and 18.7% respectively year-on-year, accounting for about 1/10 of the total amount of China. Up to the end of 2014, there are totally 2,658 service outsourcing enterprises, over 260,000 employees. The businesses are developed and extended to 118 countries and regions such as America, Japan, Germany.

Suzhou achieves the planning guidance for the service outsourcing industry by actively building "One Axis and Two Wings", "One Axis" runs through Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou New District and Kunshan City, "Two Wings" include Zhangjiagang City, Changshu City, Taicang City and Wuzhong District. And, Suzhou Industrial Park is approved to initiatively carry out policy pilot of softening the determination terms for the service enterprises with advanced technology, currently, the pilot experience of parks is approved by the State Council to be popularized to other model cities.

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