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"The Implementation Opinions on Speeding up Service Outsourcing Industry Development” (simplified as “The Opinions”) has been published by Jiangxi province government recently, and introduced that the number of service outsourcing company in Jiangsu province will be more than 3000 increasing 25% a year. There will be more than 300000 employees increasing more than 20% a year. The opinions also introduce a series of working points and service securities and most of them are implemented by Department of Commerce of Jiangxi Province. It has become a question focused by the industry that how department of commerce to develop this work.  Recently, report has interviewed Xufang Liao, deputy director of trade service and commercial service industry of Department of Commerce of Jiangsu Province on this focus.

Jiangxi Must Speed Up Development of Service Outsourcing Industry

Reporter: What is current situation of service outsourcing industry in Jiangxi province?

Xufang Liao: It is the best way to actively undertake international service outsourcings in global economic age with the high-end service as a leading in a new round of global industry transformation for transforming foreign trade growth mode, improving quality of foreign capital, reducing stress of employment, promoting industrial structure adjustment and changing economy increasing mode for China in new trend.

If accomplishes the goal of green rising, Jiangxi should speed up transforming foreign trade mode, adjusting industrial structure, developing the green industry of hi-tech & high additional value service outsourcing industry.

As a basic industry of IT, service outsourcing industry is also one produced by people’s brain and computers; therefore compared with industry, it occupies small place, without pollution and can improve greatly on regional consumption ability and drive development of real estate and commercial services with practitioners as main force of consumption. Service outsourcing industry cannot be limited by regions; therefore Jiangxi has same competitiveness compared with the coastal cities with perfect communication infrastructures.

Jiangxi province has 10 provincial service outsourcing demonstration parks until the end of Dec, 2014, such as Nanchang National Service Outsourcing Demonstration City, Zhongkai Science and Technology Park of Jiangxi & Zhejiang University, 81 Building Group Service Outsourcing Park, The National University Science Park of Jiangxi Normal University, Science and Industry Park of Jiujiang Economic & Technology Development Area and Ganzhou Red Culture Creative Industry Park, located in 4 districts such as Nanchang, Jiujiang, Ganzhou and Ji’an. There are 1,056 service outsourcing companies and 116,000 practitioners, which increased 18.25% and 7.31% year-on-year respectively. The total amount of contract is 1.417 billion USD increasing 2.45% y-o-y; there are 179 new added international certificate increasing 188.71% and a series of leading companies cultivated by Jiangxi province, such as PioneerChina, Tellhow, Thinvent, Tenone Technology, K.T Cartoon and so on.

Providing Special Funds Subsidies for Senior Talent

Report: Which problem will be urgent to solve in Jiangxi Service Outsourcing Industry? And what measures will be taken by Department of Commerce?

Xufang Liao: There are three main problems now. The first of all is the problem of senior talent. Because of low-level wages, many senior talent of service outsourcing industry do not want to work in Jiangxi province. Meanwhile, transportation is also another reason of lacking of talent. Senior talent including foreigners need go home to visit their family monthly; however the limited international flights cannot meet the demand. Besides that, employment environment and living environment are also troubles. Because of intelligent working, service outsourcing talents need better living environment to release their stress and to meet study demand of their children in international schools.

Therefore, Department of Commerce will construct mechanism and make preferential policies. We will provide provincial talent development special funds subsides for senior talents who have worked more than 1 year in Jiangxi province or have made outstanding contributions after applying and identifying; meanwhile will help them make going abroad documents and provide living conveniences.

The second is problem of market development. Because of weaker group of service outsourcing industry, one of companies misses many opportunities of high-end business with weak abilities of undertaking contract. In order to solve this problem, Service Outsourcing Association in Jiangxi province has been set up by Department of Commerce and strengthened cooperation of companies and fully played function of big group to co-undertake business with principal of “Enterprise Alliance”.

The last one is constructing joint conference system. The responsibilities of joint conference system that jointed by relative companies in Jiangxi province are to study and to make the development plan of Jiangxi province, to adjust and to solve major problems of service outsourcing industry development.

Jiangxi Province Wants to Set up Service Outsourcing Company Alliance

Report: Then which measures Department of Commerce will be taken to promote development of service outsourcing industry in Jiangxi province?

Xufang Liao: We will take measures from 6 aspects. The first is to play fully demonstration function of leading companies promoting gathering development of service outsourcing industry. Nanchang will play fully leading function of demonstration city; host national service outsourcing industrial investment promotion and capital introduction matching, service outsourcing trade fairs mainly inviting outsourcers and investors from USA, Canada, India and Shanghai Free Trade Zone, attracting a series of leading companies in industry domestic and abroad to invest in Jiangxi province, and helping companies get the orders and develop market.

The second aspect is to construct service outsourcing public platform connecting actively with those companies in Shanghai Free Trade Zone; to actively strive for supporting capital of policies and to construct service outsourcing public information platform and to set up service outsourcing company alliance in Jiangxi province; to play fully active functions of public information platform and groups; to improve further ability and level of undertaking service outsourcing business and to make a solid base for connecting with Shanghai Fee Trade Zone and undertaking high-end service outsourcing businesses.

The third aspect is to promote actively construction of provincial service outsourcing demonstration parks cultivating a new growth point; to lead local government to make service outsourcing preferential policies and to help parks to apply and construct provincial service outsourcing parks; to construct elaborately top 10 provincial service outsourcing industry gathering area and to attract a series of service outsourcing companies domestic and abroad improving further quality and scale of service outsourcing industry in Jiangxi province.

The fourth aspect is to actively organize companies “Going out” and to develop market and enlarge scale; to actively organize companies to attend domestic and abroad conferences such as China (Beijing) International Service Trade Fair, China International Software and Information Fair, China (Xiamen) Investment Fair, Shanghai Technology Fair, HK Service Trade Fair and so on; to help companies to connect with merchants domestic and abroad and to support further market development, brand making, scale expanding of relative companies.

The fifth aspect is to develop greatly service outsourcing talent training; to organize and to implement the development plan of Jiangxi service outsourcing industry; to actively strive for policy support from National Department of Commerce; to cultivate and to train a number of high quality service outsourcing talent making a solid base for service outsourcing industry development for Jiangxi province.

The sixth aspect is to fully use appraisal system leading cities and countries transformation and development of service outsourcing industry, and making prosperity of service outsourcing industry in 11 districts of Jiangxi province.

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