Hefei: Construct Platform to Help Companies Connecting with “Internet +”
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Hefei (Shushan) International E-Commerce Industry Park has contracted cooperation agreement with ChinaOsell that is the leading company in cross-board e-commerce industry recently, and Hefei has gone into “Blue Ocean” of cross-board e-commerce foreign trade. Throughout global economy, internet has been becoming a new economic trend that can decide the success or failure of competition with its special elements and business mode. And now Hefei is in the threshold of “internet +”.

E-Commerce Industry Strongly Rises

The cooperation of Hefei andchina.osell.commeans that global consumers can get more products produced in Anhui province with Hefei e-commerce platform. china.osell.com will provide solution of cross-board e-commerce industrial chain for Hefei, meanwhile help Hefei construct cross-board e-commerce gathering industry center finally. Hefei now has gone into “Blue Ocean” of cross-board e-commerce trade.

According to “The Report of China E-Commerce Demonstration Development Index in 2014” recently published by Ali Research, the e-commerce development index of Hefei is the 29th in all prefecture level cities in China, the 8th in provincial capital cities both increasing year-on-year.

Hefei has greatly promoted e-commerce health and rapid development and succeeded with speeding up e-commerce development as important way of innovation development and transformation of Hefei through a series of measures such as policy leading, demonstration driving, platform constructing and investment and training and so on. The coming of “Internet +” age not only changes business modes, but also brings wave of innovation and entrepreneurship. Until the end of 2014, there were nearly 49,000 network operators including 48,176 legal people of enterprises and 706 individual industrial and commercial households.

Emerging Industries Actively Find Wider Path of Development

The emerging industries that are the most advanced also find a wider development path and show a developing trend of “Only the Newest not Newer”

Some innovative products such as the voice translator, the face recognition and “Internet + Social Service Management Platform”of iFlyTek, have been attentioned greatly in The 9th Central EXPO of China that has been hosted in May, 2015. And the “internet + social service management platform” has applied in many cities in China, which reduced the number of service windows of community from 8-10 to 2-3. Some matters that need 10-30 days can be solved within 1-3 days. Recently, Sungrowpower has published that it will cooperate with Ali Cloud in some areas such as intelligent operation and energy internet. The penetration and influence of “internet +” have been proved obviously.

Hefei also provides enough driven power and support for development of strategic emerging industries. There was near 159 million RMB of special matching funds for voice technology arranged by Ministry of Finance in Hefei; and the funds also has been implemented in 2014.  Hefei also arranges near 150 million RMB of special marching funds to support each parts development of industrial policies, provincial information industry investment companies that increases capital and main demonstration subjects in 2015.

Hefei also makes a regulation clearly in “1+3+5” policy system revised recently will provide subsidies that accounting for 12% of equipment investment for strategic emerging industrial subjects such as intelligent voice, public security, intelligent manufacturing and so on.

Construct Platform and Help Companies Integrate into “Internet +” Age

Besides the emerging industries, the traditional industries also try to transform actively and produce more and more innovative science and technology products. For example, “internet + intelligent home appliance” has become a new trend of home appliance industry. The washing machine in series of intelligence & protection & washing produced by Whirlpool and CHIQ “Cloud” refrigerator produced by Hefei Meiling have been attentioned greatly in The 9th Central EXPO of China.

When companies actively connect with “internet”, Hefei is constructing actively platform for companies that can easily integrate into “internet +” age. Hefei industry cloud platform has been online formally in Apr, 2015, provides “cloud” services for companies. You can organize meeting at anytime and anywhere through “cloud video”; remotely employ with the way of video; solve financing difficulties of companies with cloud financing service. The industry cloud platform has accomplished online financing that companies can apply on the internet without going to bank.

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