Pilot Free Trade Zone: Build a New Layout of Service Outsourcing Industry
Source: ChinaSourcing Magzine View: 241 Date: 2015-06-03

Guangdong Pilot Free Trade Zone, Tianjin Pilot Free Trade Zone and Fujian Pilot Free Trade Zone have listed formally in 21st Apr, 2015; the 2.0 age of China Pilot Free Trade Zone is coming.

According the overall plan of Pilot Free Trade Zone published by The State Council of China, the four big Pilot Free Trade Zones including Shanghai Free Trade Zone must play the function of vanguard in Reform and Opening-up of China and become new highlands of reform. There is only one list of negative items for four big Pilot Free Trade Zones; and number of items has been reduced from 139 to 122.

As major measure of promoting reform and opening-up in new trend, pilot free trade zone will provide an important platform for improving development level of service outsourcing industry in China and build a new layout of China Service Outsourcing Industry.

The first one is to provide good business environment for developing offshore service outsourcing and greatly strengthening the confidence of outsourcers aboard to China.

The second one is that pilot free trade zone shoud clearly expand the opening-up of service industry, and expand the opening-up in areas such as financial service, shipping services, trade services, special services, culture services, social services and so on; cancel or stop limited measures of investor qualification requirements, shares restrictions, and buesiness scop; construct a beneft environment of market for different investors fairly entering.

The third one is to promote transformation of business modes comprehansively promoting service outsourcing development. The headquarters gathering of cross-board comanpies will drive service outsourcing development; the headquarters transforming of cross-board companies also will drive transformation of many service outsoucing entreprises closed with them.

The fourth one is the gathering effect of cross-board companies in pilot free trade zone,which will efficiently build the information communication channel between domestic the service outsourcing companies and the outsourcers so as to improve the order quality and the profit level.

The fifth one is financial reform innovation and trade & investment facilitation will promote service outsourcing companies going out. Domestic companies reduce financial cost near the exchange rate of international market by aboard financing channel and benefit capital expanding aboard of service outsourcing companies. Meanwhile, it also help companies that invest and open aboard implement overseas mergers and acquisitions with filing system as major way of mangement.

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