Glory Continuously - A New Round of “MNC TOP 20” Starts Once Again
Source: View: 216 Date: 2015-06-04

With the upcoming “The 13th Five” and under the background of the strategy of speeding up service outsourcing industry development lead by the State of Council, service outsourcing industry is facing great development trend of crossover integration, transformation and upgradation. As major force, multinational service outsourcing enterprises in China has played important function in industrial integration development, transformation and upgradation. Because of this, the sixth “MNC TOP 20” will be launched by Devott and

The “MNC TOP 20” has been hosted 5 times successfully that shows the crossover service outsourcing companies which have strongest abilities and influences in China, improving brand awareness of multinational service outsourcing companies in China, strengthening the communication and cooperation with China’s companies. Adhering to "Fairness, Justice and Openness", the sixth “MNC TOP 20” will ensure the professional level and authority of the ranking with professional view, rigorous system and precise analysis. Companies which attend “MNC TOP20” not only have the opportunity to participate TEDA Summit in Oct, 2015 for free, but also have the opportunity to communicate with more industry giants. And the final TOP 20 Ranking will be released in the form of award ceremony during the summit.

The 6th MNC TOP 20 has launched officially. Welcome more multinational service outsourcing companies to attend actively! For more detailed info, please pay attention to the coming topic page of “MNC TOP 20”.



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