The World is So Big, Let’s Focus on Kulifang!
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China has entered into the golden ten-year of entrepreneurship and innovation in 2015; and the layout of “Nation-Wide Entrepreneurship & People’s Innovation” has been formed. If you could not introduce a few of innovation ideas, it is difficult to talk with others in today’s science and technology circle. There is a proverb in China “The soldier who doesn’t want to be the general is not a good soldier.” So for entrepreneurs and innovation groups, it is important to have ambition of self-entrepreneurship! However, there is also a problem that how to take actions?

From nothing to everything, incubator is a model to create miracle. If you don’t know about the hottest group entrepreneurship mode-----incubator, you can directly sleep now. Although, incubator in China has later in USA than 30 years, there still have been more than 1500 incubators in the end of 2014 in China. And what means? The image and status of entrepreneurs have reached unparalleled level in history. So if you want to start own business along with the entrepreneurship wave, please remember to choose a suitable incubator!

However, how we to choose a suitable one in numerous incubators? So I want to let you see Kulifang! Kulifang, the full name is “Kulifang Enterprise Creator” that has been jointly organized by Haitao Qi (CEO of Devott), Yue Yuan (CEO of Feimalv) and Xin Guo (CEO of Yunhuashidai) and is a new enterprise creator for hatching and speeding up innovation & entrepreneurship of intelligent industry. Enterprise creator is made of “Creative +” online platform for showing & solicitating & financing & experiencing intelligent hardware and “Kulifang” offline platform for hatching & service & innovation and investment.

So how different Kulifang is? Of course, the Kulifang only pays all attention on deepening services with intelligence, capital and resources to support entrepreneurs. There are only 7 main things Kulifang doing strategic diagnosis, tutor guidance, site incubation, policy implementation, K&P club, investment and financing service.

Intelligence Support-----Entrepreneurship needs money but more needs guidance from predecessors

Deep and professional research is inherent advantage of Kulifang. With abundant research experiences of Devott from 12 industries and more than 2000 subdivided industries for many years, Kulifang has strong, professional and experienced group and will provide professional and practical knowledge based on professional enterprise assessment model and enterprise consulting capability of Devott.

Strategic diagnosis: To provide professional diagnosis and suggestions of innovation & entrepreneurship projects, business mode & market positioning & development strategy & business path of enterprise, and then to modify and optimize enterprise development strategy

Tutor guidance: to provide whole guidance from 1VS1 entrepreneurship tutor, and to increase succeed rate of innovation & entrepreneurship projects and enterprises via standardized tutoring system and innovation cooperation mode

Capital supporting is just capricious

The 20 million RMB of industry guide fund owned by Kulifang can directly provide capital support for entrepreneurship projects located in Kulifang.

Investment: Kulifang industry guide fund can directly evaluate and hatch seed projects located in incubator and help enterprises to rapidly start the development entering into angel investment and A round of financing.

Financing: To provide financing training, consulting, connection and other services for enterprises according to industry and practical operation situation, and to help hatched enterprises to gain financing from angel or VC institutions

Resource supporting-----Besides money, Kulifang will provide personal butler service. Coffee or Helpful person is so easy!

Site incubation: To provide freely hatching place for seed projects, and also to provide many add-value services such as public front desk, conference room, business service, coffee bar, enterprise show, industry & commerce, HR, IT support, legal and brand.

Policy implementation: To help entrepreneurship projects or companies to declare government projects, to help enterprises to declare relative preferential policies and to fully follow policy implementation.

K&P Club: To connect with experienced and industrial resources in relative industries and areas and human resources who want to invest and have ability to invest, according to features and demands of innovation & entrepreneurship projects.

Do you have interest to start your own business in such high-profile and meaningful entrepreneurship environment? Welcome here with your points and demands! Now, Kulifang jointing with Yida choose places all over China to expand. Up to now, the project of Kulifang in Beijing has openly operated; and project in Xi’an has also contracted. Then some cities such as Nanjing, Tianjin and Hefei are actively connecting with Kulifang. Welcome aspiring young! We can provide coffee and even everything you need! No stopping entrepreneurship and hatching, more and more incubators are creating and practicing. It is believed that Kulifang can provide what you want and hope!

Some pictures of Kulifang as Below:


The Location of Beijing Kulifang


The Inner Pictures of Kulifang

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