Software Service Outsourcing Industry in China Has Greatly Increased
Source: View: 272 Date: 2015-06-23

Reporter has known from the 13th China International Software and Information Service Fair which recently held in Dalian that there are 28,000 enterprises that can undertake software service outsourcing businesses in China, increase of more than 3,000 enterprises each year. The value of service outsourcing that undertook by China was 95.49 billion USD in 2014, which increased 55.8% year-on-year. Service outsourcing enterprise has become the important container for the employment of knowledge talented person. The number of newly added participants of service outsourcing industry in China reached 711,000 in 2014, among which, 488,000 college students nearly accounting 70% of the total amount.

On the Peak BBS of Global Software and Information Service in 2015 & Entrepreneurs Summit, Hai Huang, former assistant secretary of the Ministry of Commerce introduced that the economy in the world slowly increased because of influence of global financial risks in recent years; however as important content of international software and information service, China’s Service Outsourcing market has greatly increased. The industrial scale also has been expanded. The implementation amount of undertaking outsourcing business from aboard has increased from 4.69 billion USD in 2008 to 55.92 billion USD in 2014. The international market share also has increased from 7.7% to current 30%. China has become the second large provider country.

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