Haidian, the Leading District in Beijing Service Outsourcing Industry
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Recently, Matchmaking Conference for International Software and Information Enterprises in 2015 has been organized in Beijing Yulong International Hotel. The Beijing offshore service outsourcing in 2014 constantly and stably increased, the implementation value of offshore was 5.327 billion USD, which accounting for 9.5% of total amount of China and increasing 10.4% year-on-year. The implementation value of offshore service outsourcing business in Haidian District was accounting for more than 40% of total amount in Beijing for continuously many years, and the district has become leading one in Beijing service outsourcing demonstration districts. 

The Gathering Locations for IT Service Enterprises

Haidian district with high concentration of talents and intelligence undertakes historical missions to explore independently innovative road with China’s characteristics, to accumulate experiences for building innovative country; and has integrated and supported service outsourcing industry more than ten-year ago. Haidian district actively implements coordinated development strategy for Beijing & Tianjin & Hebei, expends service outsourcing industrial space layout, publishes multi-encouragement policies for service outsourcing industry, devotes to transferring high-end industrial chain, innovates service models, promotes co-construction from governments. The implementation value of offshore service outsourcing business in Haidian district accounts more than 40% of total amount in Beijing for continuously many years; and Haidian district has become the leading one in Beijing service outsourcing demonstration districts.

Taking Zhongguancun Park (ZPark) as example, up to the end of 2014, ZPark has gathered 295 famous IT enterprises’ headquarters from domestic and aboard and global R & D centers including Lenovo, Baidu, Pactera, Beyondsoft, iSoftStone; newly increased some leading enterprises such as EGOVA (intelligent city solution provider), BIS (leading enterprise in service outsourcing) and etc. in 2014. Currently, the park gathers e-commerce industrial groups including leading enterprises, small & middle enterprises and the third-party service institutions.

ZPark has firstly formed leading industrial groups with characteristics in some aspects of IT service outsourcing, cloud computing, mobile internet, big data, internet finance; has highly industrial rights of speech and technology leading; has appeared typical high-end trends of modern service industry. The headquarter economy of ZPark is more than 80%; there are 38900 software engineers, 140.9 billion RMB total production value. The production value in per square km is 54.19 billion RMB; the per capita GDP is 13.56 billion RMB. The output in unit density is at leading position among all software parks in China.

In 2014, in order to comprehensively improve core competitive abilities of enterprises, Haidian district, Beijing specifically made support measures and regulated to provide a complete set for national and municipal main science & technology enterprises in Haidian district those required set in district-level; provided a set of capital support based on 20% of supporting capital from Beijing for service outsourcing demonstrative innovative projects identified by Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce and Beijing Financial Bureau.

To Go on for the 3.0 Era of Service Outsourcing Industry

"The Signing Ceremony of Co-construction from Government and Enterprises for Service Outsourcing Industry in Haidian District” also has been organized in CCIPT. There were 15 main backbone service outsourcing enterprises participated this signing ceremony. As birthplace of service outsourcing industry, Haidian district is actively promoting high-end & professional development of service outsourcing industry.

At the meeting, iSoftStone, Pactera and BeyondSoft shared their experiences how to successfully accomplish high-end transformation and upgrading of industrial chain; meanwhile deeply discussed and communicated for current development and wide space in future of service outsourcing industry.

With development of big data, things of internet, mobile internet and cloud computing, service outsourcing enterprises in Haidian district have entered into “the 3.0 era”. It has natural difference with that service outsourcing only for simply reducing cost; for enterprises, a huge development opportunity needs innovations from technologies, business area and business models.

According to introduction, outsourcers in “the 3.0 era” not only pay attention on reducing cost, but also focus on some add-valued services. Outsourcers need service outsourcing enterprises to be their partners and help them compete in market that let them transform from software outsourcing provides to providers who provide featured solutions and integrated & comprehensive service providers.

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