Shijiazhuang Rapidly Develops Service Outsourcing Industry and Encourages Universities to Set up Service Outsourcing Academy
Source: Recently, Shijiazhuang government has published “T View: 277 Date: 2015-07-02

Recently, Shijiazhuang government has published “The Opinions on Rapidly Developing Service Outsourcing Industry” (“The Opinions”) that indicates the scale of international service outsourcing businesses in Shijiazhuang will annually increase more than 25% in next 5 years; to mainly support some service outsourcing businesses such as software R & D, medical R & D, customer services, film & television & animation manufacture, data processing; to greatly strengthen service outsourcing talent cultivation; to encourage colleges & universities those meet requirements to set up demonstrative service outsourcing academies. Among in, especially to clarify service outsourcing business scope includes BPO, ITO and KPO.

"The Opinions” of Shijiazhuang requires doing well in demonstration bases, training bases and backbone enterprises construction. To mainly support 1 park to apply national service outsourcing demonstration base; to mainly support 3 principal service outsourcing demonstration parks; to mainly cultivate 10 municipal service outsourcing industrial bases, 10 training bases, 5 principal service outsourcing demonstration academies; to try to cultivate 50 service outsourcing backbone enterprises those have high add-value service ability.

Meanwhile, to set up Shijiazhuang service outsourcing public service platform based on business cloud center of Shijiazhuang; to provide comprehensive security services such as application software, network platform, and broadband access, terminal rent and etc for enterprises; to effectively reduce operation cost of service outsourcing enterprises; to increase enterprises’ profit. To make line with big service outsourcing websites domestic and aboard; to provide highly efficient and convenient information services for service outsourcing parks/bases.

Besides that, Shijiazhuang will greatly strengthen service outsourcing talent cultivation; construct colleges & universities & enterprises associations for service outsourcing talent; train service outsourcing talents via academic training, the third-party training and enterprise inner training. To encourage each training institutions to set up service outsourcing talent training bases; to support service outsourcing demonstration parks/enterprises to cooperate with relative universities and professional training institutions; to host talent customized training. To encourage colleges & universities those meet requirements to set up “demonstration service outsourcing academies”.

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