Coordinated Development Strategy Drives Increase of Hebei Service Outsourcing
Source: View: 205 Date: 2015-06-30

With the promotion of coordination development of Beijing & Tianjin & Hebei, trade area has firstly appeared achievements. Recently, the director of Department of Trade in Service and Commercial Services, Ministry of Commerce of China indicates according to new situation and new features of service outsourcing industry from Jan to May of 2014 that driven by strategy of integration from Beijing & Tianjin & Hebei, the offshore service has rapidly increased in Hebi; the contract amount of offshore service outsourcing has increased 772.9% in first five months of 2015.

According to statistics, the contract value of enterprises in China is 42.5 billion USD in the first five months of 2015, which increasing 6.3% year-on-year; the implementation value is 31.08 billion USD, which increasing 14% year-on-year. Among them, the implementation value of offshore service outsourcing contract is 26.36 billion USD, which declining 2.6% year-on-year; the implementation value is 20.46 billion USD, which increasing 10.3% y-o-y.

The director of Department of Trade in Service and Commercial Services, Ministry of Commerce of China introduces that with implementation of strategy “integration from Beijing & Tianjin & Hebei”, Hebei has started to orderly undertake information industrial transferring from Beijing and Tianjin; and service outsourcing industry has rapidly developed. The contract value and implementation value of offshore service outsourcing are 84.59 million USD and 45.126 million USD representatively, which representatively increases 7772.9% and 353% year-on-year.

The three places of Beijing & Tianjin & Hebei have started to continuously promote cooperation in trade of service and commercial services since last year. “The Commercial Action Plans on Promoting Cooperation Framework Agreement of Integrated Market of Beijing & Tianjin & Hebei” (“The Plan”) co-made by commercial directors from three places also indicates to strengthen cooperation and communication in service commercial plan and promoting system construction, to play advantages of “China’ service outsourcing demonstration city” and “National Software Export Base” from Beijing & Tianjin, to co-explore international service outsourcing market.

The analysis believes that from current situation of industrial development in three places, Beijing has formed industrial layout of “driven by innovation & headquarters economy & high-end service” based on high-end enterprises’ headquarters, high-end talent and high-end services. Tianjin also has developed industrial advantages of “high-end manufacture, R & D transferring bases and international port” via Binhai New Area. Hebei has formed strong development trends in new energy, new materials, biological and medical and modern agricultural industry via industrial structure adjustment to promote urbanization and traditional industries’ transformation and upgrading.

In fact, not only from local governments, national government also rapidly promotes convenient measures for integration of Beijing & Tianjin & Hebei. The Customs from Beijing and Tianjin have implemented integration of customs clearance since 1st July of last year, and expanded to Shijiazhuang in Oct and then comprehensive implemented in Beijing & Tianjin & Hebei. Under the mode of integration of customs clearance, enterprises from three locations can be seen as in same custom district and enjoy preferential profit from integration. For example, under this mode, to further optimize regional custom modes, to release category limitation for enterprises that means enterprises from each category are suitable for integration of custom clearance.

The regional integration of custom clearance in Beijing & Tianjin & Hebei improves convenient level for commerce and trade. Taking Beijing as example, the value of export and import from Beijing’s enterprises is 128.775 billion USD declared from Beijing & Tianjin & Heibei custom, which increasing 8.5% year-on-year and accounting for 31% of total export and import amount in Beijing.

Since revolution of integration of custom clearance, foreign enterprises not only can choose location to custom freely, but also gain more efficient services. According to survey from Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce, the clearance time for enterprises has averagely reduced 20%-30%; meanwhile, the cost of enterprises also has declined. The clearance cost of Beijing’s enterprises has reduced 1/3 under situation of arriving and normal inspection & release for goods than before the revolution.

According to introduction, Beijing & Tianjin & Hebei will further strengthen regional cooperation in foreign trade; construct three places foreign trade development cooperation mechanism; explore cooperation models of Beijing Tianzhu Free Trade Zone, BDLOG and Caofeidian Fee Trade Zone; promote free trade zone coordinated linkage in Beijing and Hebei; strengthen cooperation of Beijing & Tianjin, Beijing & Hebei with border ports; improve clearance efficiency; actively strive for Tianjin Pilot Free Trade Zone policy and Tianjin Port Area of China (Tianjin) Pilot Free Trade Zone policy to expend to Beijing to accomplish policy sharing

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