Chengdu: The City of Abundance of Service Outsourcing Industry
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"The Implementation Suggestions on Rapidly Promoting Development of Service Outsourcing Industry” (“The Suggestions”) published by Sichuan Government in June 11th, 2015 clearly indicates that to develop service outsourcing will be important method for Sichuan province to participate global industrial division and to improve industrial value chain. Sichuan will also try to accomplish that the scale of service outsourcing business will averagely increase more than 35% each year, averagely increase more than 25% of international service outsourcing business each year in the period of 2015-2017.

Service outsourcing industry in Sichuan province has rapidly developed. According to data, the contract value of service outsourcing in Sichuan averagely increased 72.5% during the period of 2008-2014; then in 2014 has reached 2 billion USD. Service outsourcing employees has beyond 170,000 people; more than 74% of them have bachelor’s degrees. As provincial capital city and bridgehead of the central region, Chengdu has produced perfect results in service outsourcing industry.

To Firstly Appear Outsourcing Industrial Group

Chengdu is one of the most competitive cities of service outsourcing industry in China. Tianfu Software Park also continuously gained the first position of “TOP 10 of China’s Service Outsourcing Parks in 2014” in the 4th DGITS organized in March of this year.

According to data, up to the end of 2014, there were 21 enterprises from Top 100 global service outsourcing locating in Chengdu; and IBM, Accenture and Wipro also set up R & D centers in Chengdu. Six enterprises from top 10 leading service outsourcing enterprises have set branch institutions in Chengdu, near 50 multinational group enterprises have set up global delivery center, shared service center and R & D center in Chengdu. The service outsourcing industrial group has primary appeared with Chengdu as the center to outside expand. “The Suggestions” indicates that Sichuan must strengthen brand of “Chengdu’s Service Outsourcing”, actively comply with industrial organization new features of “Intelligence & Professionalization”, and promote diversified development in service outsourcing industry regions and development of onshore and offshore. Next, Sichuan and Chengdu governments will support Tianfu New Area to mainly develop service outsourcing industry base on headquarters economy, to construct service outsourcing industrial parks and gathering areas. To encourage national high-tech areas, economic development areas, free trade zones to actively develop service outsourcing; meanwhile to promote low/middle-end service outsourcing businesses in Chengdu Central District to transfer to Mianyang, Suining, Neijing and other cities; to construct a new industrial development layout with Chengdu as the core, multi-city development, and complementary advantages.

Besides that “The Suggestions” also indicates to consolidate and strengthen cooperation with developed countries such as Europe & USA & Japan & Korea and other locations such as HK & Macao and Taiwan. To greatly increase proportion of high-end businesses in service outsourcing; meanwhile to actively develop new emerging market; to deepen cooperation in some areas including engineering design outsourcing, information technology outsourcing. And to greatly promote cooperation with countries and locations on “One Belt & One Road”; to build diversified markets layout.

Three big systems to build talent cloud platform

Chengdu service outsourcing talent public training cloud platform is a leading comprehensive platform with online and offline in China that provides comprehensive services including online training and offline training services for service outsourcing talent, talent education training and talent service, service outsourcing industrial knowledge and industrial practices, which devotes to provide service outsourcing talent training service, knowledge sharing, industrial services and HR service.

The platform provides a set of service system that can precisely march talent and provide continue development; integrates resources from each aspect including colleges & universities, parks, enterprises and industrial associations; gradually build a set of demand model that precisely march each technology for industrial positions; and constantly perfect the three big systems of “training & ability assessment & talent service” according to this model. To ensure the supplement and improvement of talent resources from digging, training, evaluation, continue service for talent; to cultivate and dig talents who urgently required by enterprises with industrial development as orientation and the latest resources.

This platform will organize activity of “Campus Line” each year that organizes relative academy of service outsourcing from each college and university to connect this platform with constructing private cloud end for colleges and universities. Currently, there are more than 30 colleges and universities connecting into this platform including Chengdu University, Southwest University for Nationalities, Xihua University, Southwest Petroleum University, Changjiang Polytechnic, Neusoft Institute, Guangdong; and part of them have awarded as “the private cloud end----Chengdu service outsourcing talent public training cloud platform” and have more than 4000 students and teachers who are participating.

On the other hand, this platform also has co-built “the industrial cloud end---Chengdu service outsourcing talent public training cloud platform” with service outsourcing industrial association in Chengdu. This platform in order to meet actual demands of each service outsourcing enterprise registered, actively organize enterprises to participate each offline talent employment meeting, double choose meeting from college and university, and help enterprises to expand employment channels, to promote service outsourcing basic talent training and improvement works, to better integrate service outsourcing industrial resources, to cultivate more practical talent.

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