Yujiapu of Tianjin Has Become Nanny of Cross-border E-commerce
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Report gets information from Tianjin Binhai CBD Area of China (Tianjin) Pilot Free Trade Zone (Tianjin Binhai CBD Area), under support of government and custom Yujiapu global purchasing is actively building the first integrated service platform of cross-border e-commerce whole supply chain in China. It will provide citizens a more convenient and better service of “hai tao”, also can shorten logistics time and reduce the cost.

To be nanny for cross-border e-commerce

Numerous “Haitaozu” have embarrassed experiences that products with hundreds USD need cost more than 1000 RMB to transport. Moreover things like car seat and cart also need take from customs by us. It will be more trouble if you don’t know how to clarify. “That because cross-border e-commerce lacks of integrated service platform of whole supply chain”, the relative director of Tianjin Binhai CBD Area takes an example for report. For example, an American enterprise wants to sell its products in China, it needs do only two things: to have its own brand & to make sure the quality. Other things like export declaration, inspection and examination, foreign exchange settlement, tax rebates, logistics and marketing also can be finished on relative platform. That means enterprises only need pay money to make products then the platform will provide comprehensive housekeeper type of “nanny” service.

According to introduction, Yujiapu will build support systems for customs regulatory, inspiration and examination, tax rebates, cross-over payment, storage and logistics via global purchasing. After operation, global purchasing will influence Beijing & Tianjin & Hebei with Yujiapu as start point and provide double securities for trades & commerce via selling channels of “online + offline”. “The integrated service platform of cross-border e-commerce whole supply chain will cover all service parts such as storage, logistics, finance, marketing and etc. that not only provide one-step service, but also reduce cost and attract all cross-border e-commerce in the world to form industrial gathering group in Tianjin Binhai CBD area.”

To “purchase globally” at home

According to introduction, the project of global purchasing locates in Underground Commercial Street of Yujiapu integrated with inter-city rail, subway and local parking lot. The using area is near 22000 square KM with selling foreign goods and showing international lives as main function to build featured international high-quality goods shopping store via gathering original products and food from HK & Macao & Taiwan and other countries.”Global purchasing will bring Amorous feelings of culture from Five Continents for citizens divided into Luxury in Europe, Dynamics in America, Sunshine in Australia, Food in Asia and Image in Africa and new purchasing experiences. Currently, RDS the brand commerce from Italy has contracted and entered into Yujiapu global purchasing, it has more than 200 retail brand and 400 fashion brands, which can bring the pure ‘product made in Italy’ for citizens”. The relative director of Tianjin Binhai CBD said that since construction of Tianjin Pilot Free Trade Zone, the development of Yujiapu global purchasing construction also has rapidly increased. The Yujiapu Commercial Street will be formally operated in the next half of this year; therefore citizens can buy foreign goods and products with preferential prices.

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