Qinhuangdao Held Launching Ceremony to Compile “The Development Plan of Service Outsourcing Industry” and Service Outsourcing Symposium
Source: http://www.qhdnews.com/ View: 208 Date: 2015-07-03

Qinhuangdao government recently held launching ceremony to compile “The Development Plan of service outsourcing industry” and service outsourcing symposium in July 2nd, 2015. The ceremony has invited Fangli Qian, director of China’s Service Outsourcing Research Center to explain current situation of service outsourcing industry in China. Zhiyong Feng, vice mayor of Qinhuangdao also made speech at the conference.

Service outsourcing industry has become an important component of modern high-end service industries; Fangli Qian also introduces the current development situation of service outsourcing industry in details and puts suggestions for the practical situation in Qinhuangdao.

Mr. Feng introduces that Qinhuangdao was identified as the first comprehensive revolution pilot city in service outsourcing industry in China in 2010, at that time Qinhuangdao also introduced that it will primary built a modern service outsourcing industrial group demonstration district in 2015. With the determination of this target, municipal government publishes “The Opinions of Rapidly Implementing Service Outsourcing Industrial Developments” (“The Opinions”). “The Opinions” will have significant meaning for Qinhuangdao to transfer economic growth way, to promote adjustment from industrial structure, to promote service outsourcing industry to accomplish leapfrog development. When Qinhuangdao builds service outsourcing industrial association, the city also actively applies capital support from national and principal policies, strengthen service outsourcing regional cooperation such as signing “Docking Cooperation Agreement for Service Outsourcing” with Haidian district of Beijing. They co-set up Qinhuangdao branch park of ZPark in order to effectively undertake service outsourcing industrial transferring to construct important platform. Now, service outsourcing industry in Qinhuangdao is at key period from starting to mainly breaking through. We have confidence to build a new layout of rapid development and prosperity for service outsourcing industry in Qinhuangdao.

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