Xiamen Haicang Service Outsourcing Industrial Park Has Primary Achievements in Investment
Source: http://www.funxun.com/ View: 239 Date: 2015-07-07

The investment work in Xiamen Service Outsourcing Industrial Park is to rapid develop new emerging industries and new type of service industry, to change trade development way, to accomplish financial business innovation and communication & cooperation on both sides; to mainly construct many sub parks such as “Three-innovation Base for Young People on both Sides”, “Haicang-Taiwan Park”, “Xinxin Tourism E-commerce Industrial Park”, "Haitou Export Production Show Experience Centre” to optimize industrial layout rounding the development plan of Xiamen Area in Fujian Pilot Free Trade Zone.

The first one is to closely grasp advantages of Fujian Pilot Free Trade Zone to promote industrial upgrading in park. Service outsourcing industrial park timely start rebuild plan of industrial factories complying with industrial upgrading path of “suppress the second industry and develop the third industry then to build platform”; plans to rebuild more than 150,000 square km general factory within 2 years; meanwhile according to think of “platform operation & rolling development” to actively construct service outsourcing industrial park.

The second one is to construct good innovation environment; to perfect systems such as “Xiamen-Chengdu-Europe Railroad” and free trade zone associations via polices of free trade zone, “One Belt & One Road” then provides trade convenience for enterprises in the park; meanwhile to get breakthrough in system innovation with free trade zone as opportunities, to provide a full range of “one-step” services for enterprises via rapidly developing innovation of approval service and innovation of declaration service.

The third one is to improve quality of park then to construct the entrepreneurship environments. To perfect live service system in park; to build public bicycle system from bus stops to park; to plan and crowd-construct intelligent parking pot; meanwhile to perfect whole plan of park and to make whole positions for design style of park.

Up to 11st of Jun, there are 359 enterprises registering in Xiamen Service Outsourcing Industrial Park; among them 346 domestic enterprises those have 3.18128 billion RMB of registration capital totally; 9 Taiwan-funded enterprises those have 34.01 million RMB of registration capital; 4 foreign-funded enterprises those have 85 million USD of registration capital. Besides that there are 54 enterprises handling registration formalities which have 1.25233 billion RMB of domestic capital, 82 million USD of foreign fund; 11 enterprises those have intention and have new 61 million RMB of registration capital.

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