Qingdao Upgrades Service Outsourcing Industry
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At the beginning of this year, the State of Council has published programmatic document on service outsourcing industrial development. The service outsourcing industry in Qingdao has obviously developed in the first quarter of 2015.

According to recent data published by Bureau of Commerce, Qingdao, there are 369 service outsourcing contracts undertaken by Qingdao registering on “Service Outsourcing Business Management and Statistic System” during the period of Jan to March; the contract value is 550 million USD which increasing 3.5% year-on-year; the implementation value is 470 million USD which increasing 15.5% year-on-year. Among them there are 299 offshore service outsourcing contracts, the contract value is 490 million USD which increasing 4.5% y-o-y; the implementation value is 420 million USD which increasing 14.6% y-o-y. There are 69 onshore service outsourcing contracts, the value of contract is 60 million USD and the implementation value is 40 million USD.

According to introduction from relative director of Bureau of Commerce, currently, Qingdao is constructing industrial development environment, promoting service outsourcing enterprises to improve service value and to be continuous development, leading manufacture enterprises to integrate new technologies, new trends to transform and develop, and expanding service export to improve service development level.

The development has good results

Recently, service outsourcing in Qingdao has good results in development. On one hand, the scale of service outsourcing business rapidly expands that accomplishes multiple developments in offshore implementation value for continuous 5 years. The offshore implementation value has broken 2 billion USD in 2014; the leading function from main areas, main enterprises were obvious that shows trend of “Driven by leaders & Blossoming in everywhere”.

On the other hand, the business structure of service outsourcing tends to be high-end. In recent years, Qingdao focuses on introducing “intelligent” enterprises with high add-value, high technology and then pays more attention on “intelligent manufacturing”. Therefore, the percentage of KPO is constantly increasing with knowledge and R & D as main characteristics, which has become new growth point in service outsourcing.

Data shows that from Jan to March of 2015, KPO business has rapidly developed. The contract value of KPO is 330 million USD; the implementation value is 290 million USD which increasing 40.5% and 77.8% representatively.

Besides that, the main body of service outsourcing has become stronger and stronger. Up to the end of 2014, there were 759 service outsourcing enterprises registered in Qingdao, among them 200 new enterprises increasing; there were 91 offshore service outsourcer locations undertaken by Qingdao. The implementation amount of offshore service outsourcing from USA, Japan, HK, Korea and other countries and locations are beyond millions USD.

To get such good results is closed with hard development of Qingdao in service outsourcing industry. According to introduction of director above, there are three main methods from Qingdao. The first one is to optimize environment of industrial policies. Qingdao government has published a series of policies and measures to provide whole comprehensive policy support for service outsourcing industrial parks, service platforms, training bases and other important projects. The second one is to expand investment channels in industry to build international investment & promotion consultant mechanism and to hire international famous financial consultant institutions and the world’s top 5000 enterprises to improve professional & international investment level. The third one is to promote convenient revolution that accomplishes co-operation of professional park project approval for the record, the examination and approval of contract, industrial and commercial registration, which constructs the three level linkage service platform to optimize enterprises’ development from each city, each district, each industrial park and each street.

To Play Three Gig Features

Then, Qingdao how to continuously develop service outsourcing in the future? The director from Bureau of Commerce, Qingdao describes the next imagine of service outsourcing industry for report that one is to play features of opening-up city, two is to play industrial characteristics, three is to play regional characteristics.

For playing features of opening-up city, Qingdao will perfect service trade work system, play function of connection mechanism between work leading team of service outsourcing industrial promotion work and Bureau of Service & Trade in Qingdao, devote to construct high efficient and released industrial development atmosphere, lead and support service outsourcing industry health development; construct service outsourcing enterprises credit record and credit assessment system, perfect service outsourcing enterprises faith system. Contrast to requirements of comprehensive assessment system for China’s service outsourcing demonstration city, gradually perfect works in relative areas.

For playing characteristic of advanced industries, Qingdao will fully play specific advantages in intelligent transportation, electronic line carrier, smart homes, rubber R & D, ocean science and technology, port information and other areas; support advanced industries such as home appliance electronic, rubber chemical to implement “internet + industry”, ”internet + upgrading service”; rapidly transform from production providers to service providers; cultivate a series of local service outsourcing brand enterprises.

For playing regional features of city, Qingdao will fully utilize location advantages closed with Japan and Korea; grasp opportunity of constructing free trade zones between China and Korea & Japan; deepen service outsourcing market in Japan and Korea; try to be new emerging transferring location of service outsourcing for those industries including semiconductor, consumer electronics, telecommunication, smart homes, marine biological medicine R & D, automobile from Japan and Korea.

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