Ministry of Science and Technology: Main Body of Entrepreneurship from the Elite to the Public forms “Xinsi Amy” of Entrepreneurship
Source: View: 258 Date: 2015-07-09

Guoying Cao, deputy director of Department of High-tech and Industrialization of Ministry of Science and Technology said today, the main body of entrepreneurship has changed from the minority to the public. The previous entrepreneurs are the elite but now they become the public, which forms “Xinsi Amy” of entrepreneurship and innovation. They are young college students, entrepreneurs graduated from overseas, leaderships and continuous entrepreneurs in big enterprises and scientific and technology personnel.

"The Opinions on Greatly Promoting Several Policies and Measures of Public Entrepreneurship & People’s Innovation” (“The Opinions”) recently published by the State of Council, which is a systematic and preferential policy to promote public entrepreneurship and people’s innovation. ”The Opinions” clearly makes 96 articles of policy and measure form 9 big areas and 30 aspects. Jianping Xu, deputy inspector of Department of High Technology Industry of National Development and Reform Commission; Guoying Cao, deputy director of Department of High Technology Industry have been invited by the website of the Central People’s Government in 9th, and then they interpreted relative content of “The Opinions” for us.

Guoying Cao believes that entrepreneurship & innovation have existed in history but now have some new characteristics and trends. Therefore, the document has been published under this historical background. The nature of entrepreneurship is after have some ideas then we how to accomplish those ideas in a space or a specific scope via continuous trying, trial and error, polishing; no matter those ideas at last polish as a potential company or a reality.

Guoying Cao interprets the four characteristic of entrepreneurship & innovation in details: the one is that main body of entrepreneurship become from the minority to the public. The previous entrepreneurs are the elite who have relative resources such as capital, technology and etc. that is whole class of the elite start their own businesses, but now they are the public. Therefore, the “Xinsi Amy” of entrepreneurship & innovation has formed; it can be specifically divided into two teams----the college students and entrepreneurs graduated from overseas. The latter one is also a strong entrepreneurship team. Additionally, leaderships from big enterprises and continuous entrepreneurs also enter into entrepreneurship. Much leadership also starts their own businesses after work in big enterprises for a long time; and continuous entrepreneurs may set up a new company after they have another one. The team of science & technology personnel is also a strong entrepreneurship power. Science & technology personnel in many universities and research institutions hold some technological rules then start their own businesses. Therefore, it has huge difference between the previous entrepreneurs and the four teams.

The two is that entrepreneurship service has mainly been provided from government to market. Especially under development of market system, there are a series of new emerging service institutions with marketization and professionalization, which provide many new service models such as communication and promotion, IP, investment roadshow and etc. with some angel investment, entrepreneurship investment. Some experts believe that modern economy is born from innovation but flourished by finance. Finance integrates the stage of innovation further and further even if has creation it has investment. The service system of market is more and more perfect, and develops beyond expectation.

The third one is that entrepreneurship activity has become from internal organization to current opening coordination. Especially current internet and open-source technology platform reduce marginal cost of entrepreneurship then that makes possibilities for entrepreneurship and innovation. The current elements of entrepreneurship are freely flowing in global; and there are also more and more cross-border entrepreneurship incubators. Now many incubators are network then may be in Beijing, Kunming or Silicon Valley; they integrate each innovative resource to reach the aim of entrepreneurship and innovation.

The fourth one is the entrepreneurship concept has changed from technology supply to demand orientation. Technology first in the past then meets some social demands. However, now it has developed to consider which technology to solve problems according to demands. Of course, on one hand to solve demands via technology; on the other hand there are innovations of integration, models those also can form a lot of new innovative activities. The feature of demand orientation has become more and more obviously.

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