Service Outsourcing Industry in Jiaxing Accomplished the Half Target of “Three Keeping & Three Increasing”
Source: View: 263 Date: 2015-07-13

In the first half of 2015, Jiaxing has finished service outsourcing contract value, implementation value, offshore implementation value 793 million RMB, 534 million RMB and 45.0889 million RMB representatively, which accounting for 68.25%, 59.41% and 50.1% of annual target representatively. It accomplishes “half of mission in half of time”. The first one is to keep market and to increase the total. Jiaxing government organizes enterprises to participate China (Shanghai) International Technology Fair, China International Software and Information Service Fair and Industrial Matchmaking Meeting, keeps market share, signs 1,741 contracts which increasing 656 year-on-year, undertakes service outsourcing offshore businesses from 40 countries and locations which increasing 9 year-or-year. The business performance increases 61.1% y-o-y that is nearly 59% higher than that of the whole province. The second one is to keep direction and to improve quality. To lead service outsourcing forms to transfer from low-end to high-end; to promote KPO businesses such as industrial design, inspection and examination, engineering design being stripping from manufacturing via door-to-door guidance, training conference, enterprises symposium; to accomplish implementation value of KPO is 242 million RMB, which accounting for 45% of total implementation amount. Compared with BPO, it becomes from 26:54 at the same time of last year to 45:34 of this year; the implementation value of contract from industrial design, inspection and examination increase 100.58% and 51% year-on-year representatively, both of them totally accounting for 36.58% of total implementation amount. The third one is to keep investment and to increase staying power. Bureau of Commerce in Jiaxing organize 3 times service outsourcing investment promotion activities rounding building economy of “a series of investment”, introduce foreign investment project of service outsourcing; the total investment number and amount are 32 and 535 million USD, which increasing 16 and 298 million USD year-on-year representatively. There are 6 enterprises those have more than 30 million USD of total investment value; 2 enterprises have a billion USD.

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