Nanchang Put forward Policy to Innovatively Develop Outsourcing Industry
Source: View: 237 Date: 2015-07-13

Nanchang as the one of the first batch of China’s service outsourcing demonstration city identified by the State of Council has stand in the front of service outsourcing industrial development in China like Beijing, Shanghai and other developed cities.

Nanchang stands out local features of policies, accomplishes balanced development between offshore and onshore, provides precise and good “Nanchang Model” of service outsourcing talent training, accomplishes diversified development in service outsourcing demonstration cities.

Recently, “The Implementation Opinions on Further Rapidly Developing Service Outsourcing Industry (Review Version)” (simplified as “The Implementation Opinions”) published by Nanchang, puts forward that during the period of “the 13th Five-year” to cultivate a series of middle/high-end talents, comprehensive talent and international talent; to introduce a series of famous enterprises to locate in Nanchang; to cultivate a series of famous service outsourcing enterprises with advanced level; to construct a series of service outsourcing industrial gathering areas with outstanding leading industries, strongly innovative ability and good mechanism and system. The business scale of service outsourcing will expand 20% annually.

The offshore and onshore businesses will coordinate development

Nanchang innovates a series of policies specifically for development features of industry, designs and makes several detailed items according to local practices, including focusing on encouraging development of offshore businesses, planning and accomplishing coordinated development between offshore and onshore.

Nanchang government published “The Policy of Further Promoting the Development of Service Outsourcing Industry” (“The Policy”) in 2013 that was called as the 2.0 version of local policy to promote service outsourcing industrial development in Nanchang. This policy indicated that to provide inspiration for enterprises those have more than 200,000 USD offshore service outsourcing business value according to the standard of inspiring 0.2 RMB with 1 USD of offshore service outsourcing business; each enterprise will get inspiration less than 500,000 RMB each year. This standard with high value never exists in inspiration standard in China that mainly inspires and supports offshore outsourcing business that shows Nanchang to strengthen offshore business with the greatest power in history.

This “The Implementation Opinions” requires that the offshore and onshore market in service outsourcing industry in Nanchang will be coordinated development in 2020; the scale will be obviously expanded; the structure will be obviously optimized; the competitive ability will be obviously improved, which has become main way to promote service trade development in Nanchang. In order to form a new round of industrial competitive advantages, Nanchang will consolidate and improve service outsourcing in some areas such as software, information technology, outsourcing call center, anime and games; rapidly develop service outsourcing in these areas such as finance, culture creation, “internet + +” and etc; mainly breakthrough service outsourcing in some areas such as biological medicine, logistics and etc.; actively cultivate service outsourcing in these areas such as medical, wholesale and retail and so on.

To consolidate “Nanchang model” of talent cultivating

"The Implementation Opinions” indicates that to encourage and lead universities and secondary institutions in Nanchang to set up service outsourcing courses, to gradually form “customized” talent training cultivating mechanism with aim of promoting students to work and orientation of being suitable for industrial development. The development path of service outsourcing in Nanchang in future has been identified as “the first—talent, then---enterprises, at last---industry”. In order to provide precise and optimize “Nanchang model” of service outsourcing talent cultivating, Nanchang will actively encourage and lead universities and secondary institutions in Nanchang to set up relative professionals and service outsourcing courses via fully using abundant advantages from colleges & universities in Nanchang, rounding development demand of service outsourcing.

In the past two years, Nanchang provided capital support of local employment and employment in other places for training institutions. It not only accomplishes to help trainee to work in Nanchang via different supporting standards, but also provides support for employment trainees those work in other places. This measure gets rid of regionalism and narrow ideas and methods of “rich water should be kept in one’s own field”, which makes active contributions for service outsourcing talent cultivation in China.

According to introduction, colleges’ or universities’ students those have been trained by main training institutions for more than 3 months can sign more than 1 year’s contract with service outsourcing enterprises in Nanchang with relative certificate after pass examinations of institutions. Nanchang will provide training subsides for trainees according to standard of 2000 RMB per student; provide subsidies for training institutions according to standard of 1500 RMB per person. Students who sign more than 1 year’s contract with service outsourcing enterprises in other places also will be provided training subsidies according to standard of 1000 RMB per student; the training institutions also will be provided subsidies according to standard of 500 RMB per person.

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