“JINLIN China 100” – The “JINLIN” Award - Service Innovation Practices of Enterprises in China 2015 Formally Launched
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"JINLIN China 100”- The “JINLIN” Award - Service Innovation Practices of Enterprises in China 2015, which held by Devott and co-held by Chnsourcing.com.cn, Creative + and Kulifang has been formally launched; the selection committee begins to accept registration from enterprises.

China has a proverb that “Jinlin can’t be restricted by pool water and it can become dragon when supported by cloud and wind.” For this selection, the implied meaning of “Jinlin” is that for the participated small & medium-sized enterprises, only continually exploring their own innovative power, can they stand out from fierce competition in market, catch and grasp opportunities then become real “dragon” via assistances from “Internet +”. That is the origin of “Jinlin” award. The concepts of “Internet +” and “people’s innovation” are continually popular in 2015; therefore, the innovative wave in enterprises’ service market after individual consumption market will surf to the peak. Under this background, Devott cooperated with Chnsourcing.com.cn, Creative + and Kulifang to co-launch “JINLIN China 100” - The “JINLIN” Award - Service Innovation Practices of Enterprises in China 2015 that aims to explore new stars who provide innovative services, to explore new driving power of enterprises’ upgrading and entrepreneurship, to help innovative enterprises to advocate and promote their innovative models as well as match development resources, to promote innovative development for enterprises’ service in China under the era of “internet +” via this selection.

This selection with principle of “Fairness-Justice-Openness” will take four elements of enterprises such as innovative degree, growth degree, approval degree and competitive degree as assessment & selection standards to precisely conduct industrial analysis controlled by professional experts group from professional view so as to ensure professional level and quality. This selection means to develop innovative abilities of enterprises which can greatly develop innovation and entrepreneurship to respond national call under the era of big revolution then to improve service quality of enterprises. According to introduction, award ranking of this selection will be published in it in October 9th, 2015, and prize those enterprises on the Summit of TEDA in 2015. Welcome enterprises to register and participate in this selection actively.

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Please download relative document from this link: http://www.chnsourcing.com.cn/download/ (The invitation letter and registration form of “JINLIN China 100”)

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